Monday, April 19, 2010

Cheated Grandma still loves her Nigerian boyfriend!!!

Picture this. You are a 58 year old grandma living in Malaysia. You divorced your handicapped husband to be with your African lover from Nigeria. But your so called lover cheated you by seeing other girls. He also cheated you of your lifetime savings of RM600,000.00, so will you still love him?? Of course the answer is a Hell NO.

But not in this case, a grandma named Sofea still loves her Nigerian boyfriend so much, even though she was treated that way...!!!

And because Black Magic was involved, i recommend you to listen to this song too.

This is the report as compiled by the Star on 19 April 2010.

A grandmother asked for a divorce from her crippled husband so that she could be with her Nigerian lover despite being cheated of RM600,000 of her EPF savings, Harian Metro reported.

The 58-year-old executive, known only as Sofea, had flown to Nigeria only to find the man living in luxury from his ill-gotten gains.

In an interview, Sofea told the daily that she loved the man, identified only as Fareed, so much that she was unwilling to be separated from him while he was in detention for using forged travel documents in the country.

“I continued to contact him and even bought him an air ticket for his trip home to Nigeria last May.

“When he was in Malaysia, I knew that he saw other local women but I just couldn’t leave him despite he being accused of stealing from them.

“I wanted to live and die with him,” said Sofea, who was introduced to Fareed by a friend two years ago.

She claimed that when she first knew Fareed, the Nigerian would often cook her dishes from his country, such as grilled bananas and herbs.

“Since then, I was crazy for him even though he was not handsome. I gave him whatever he wanted, even paying the rental for his condominium,” she said.

She added that Fareed would often address her as “sweetheart”, “baby” or even “princess” during their relationship.

Sofea, who now believed that Fareed had put her under a charm, said she had to seek treatment to free herself from the “black magic”.

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