Friday, April 2, 2010

Florida Guy became the richest person in the world with US$88.8 billion cash!!!

Artist impression of what USD 87 billion looked like if stacked together in that particular order in 1 dollar denominations. The tiny figure in black at the bottom represent an average height human being and a car!!!

A guy from Florida, USA became the richest man on earth, but only for 5 hours - no thanks to a technical bank glitch. After that ecstatic 5 hours, that guy was back to square one.

When Paul Fischer checked his bank account on Friday night, 26th., March 2010, he had a super happy surprise. His balance had exploded to US$88,888,888,888.88.

A very lucky number indeed, and close to US$89 billion.!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is a whopping 315 Billion Ringgit Malaysia!!!!

At that time, Paul Fischer was the richest man on earth, demoting Bill Gates to no.2, for Gates' wealth currently stands at US56 billion, USD32 billion less than Fischer's magical money!!!

Fischer is the chief financial officer of the Windsor Group Incorporated, a jewelry concessionaire to Central Florida theme parks.

Of course, the balance was a technical error by SunTrust Bank, which quickly fixed the problem. It also may have occurred in other accounts.

"Can you imagine being a Billionaire for a day???" Fischer asked himself. “Eighty-eight billion, what can I do with that?’”

“Maybe a handful of us could have brought down SunTrust Bank.”

Well Mr. Fischer had other ideas as well.

Before the problem was fixed, he asked a SunTrust representative if he could move the money to an interest-bearing account until it was reclaimed and donate the interest to charity. Total interest: more than $7.3 million.

The bank said no. Heyy mannn - A flat NO!!!!!

The money was stripped out of his account by Saturday morning, 27 March 2010.

Technically, Fischer was the richest man on earth for a mere 300 minutes!!!

“It’s all gone. I’m poor again,” he said. “I was a billionaire for five hours.”

This kind of bank error happens frequently. But Mr. Fischer raises an interesting question: What if, for five hours, you truly did have $89 billion?

What would you do with the money? The ground rules are that you would have to give the money back — and whatever you bought or invested with it — after five hours...

Good night Mr Fischer....

As for me.. what will i do with US88 Billion or Ringgit Malaysia 315 billion??

First i will marry this girl - Pamela Anderson - and during our first night together as husband and wife, i will do things to her that even Tommy Lee of Motley Crue (Pam's former husband) would not have imagined!! (just kidding folks)

If Pamela turns me down, i will marry Juliet Lin Ke Tong - this supergirl from China. I heard people are kiling each other in China, just to get her!!! aiyaaaaaa..

Secondly, i will go to Bill Gates office, meet him without apppointment and tell him smack on his face - Hey Dude... i am richer than you and i am from Sabah!!! And then Gates said - where the hell is Sabah located?? Then i will say - I am gonna buy Microsoft!!! hahaha

Thirdly, i will spend about USD20 million to travel into space abroad NASA spacecraft and spend maybe 5 months with those guys at the International Space Station, ISS..

Last but not least, i will continue blogging as the richest blogger in the world!!!! Sorry Kenny Sia, but i win this time... Hahahahaa

SunTrust Bank Centre in Orlando, Florida - near Mr Fischer workplace!!!

SunTrust Banks, Incorporated is an American bank holding company with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The largest subsidiary is SunTrust Bank, with US$172.7 billion in assets as of September 30, 2009

SunTrust operates approximately 1,700 bank branches across Southern US states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, DC.


jaymess jeng said...

bikin kilang tiger d kionsom ..i am the manager ..lets bozo be the beer taster

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

jaymess jeng.... Mr Bozo is the greatest beer taster in the world... hehehe... he will only get drunk when confronted with the super Lihing!!! Aramaitieee... Haussss

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