Thursday, May 13, 2010

SIbu byelection - PM visit to Sibu, boosted BN's machinery and morale...

source - the star, bernama

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak arrived in Sarawak yesterday to spearhead the BN campaign for the Sibu byelection on 16 May 2010.

The no. 1 leader of Malaysia spent about 15 minutes to visit traders in and around the Sibu Central Market, ahead of the election day on Sunday.

As soon as he approached the entrance of the market, the shouts of "1Malaysia" filled up the atmosphere, reflecting the people's acceptance of the Prime Minister's philosophy of bringing everyone in the nation together.

"This is his third visit to the market here this year and I feel so fortunate to be able to meet up close and shake hands with him on all three occasions," 44-year-old hawker Sudan Imang told Bernama.

Met at her stall which sells a variety of jungle produce, Sudan described Najib as "the bravest Prime Minister" she knew for breaking the normal protocol and mingle easily with ordinary people like her.

"I never got the opportunity to meet the past prime ministers but after Najib became one, I got to see him three times already and I'm convinced that he is friendly," she added.

Prior to his walkabout today, Najib visited the central market, which houses about 1,500 hawkers, in February and on May 2.

Samia Salleh, who is among a handful of Malay hawkers trading there, felt honoured to have Najib stopping by at her stall which sells various types of Malay cakes and delicacies.

"We exchanged greetings, and he asked me about my business. It was a different feeling to see him personally, right before my eyes," she added.

Sharing Samia's excitement was Juliana Johree, who described her experience as exciting but said that she wished the Prime Minister had stayed much longer.

She said she did not get the chance to tell Najib that there were many more Malays who wanted to trade at the market but the number of trading lots was not enough.

"I'll probably raise this again to our new member of parliament after the by-election," she added.

Van rental operator, Kong Wei Seng, who happened to stop by at the Central Market to drop his passengers was pleasantly surprised that Najib had once again come to the place.

He gave a thumbs-up to the initiative which he described as a reflection of the improvements that had taken place since Najib became the prime minister.

"Small people like us are getting more attention from him and he always brings good news every time he comes," he added.

A communication lecturer from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Dr Jeniri Amir, who observed the public's response to the visit, said Najib's walkabout had brought ordinary people closer to the prime minister, and the prime minister closer to the people.

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