Friday, May 7, 2010

What happened after the 1970 world cup final??

The 1970 world cup was held in Mexico.

The final match pitted two, two-time World Cup champions, Brazil and Italy.

The final was won by the great Brazilian team, beating Italy 4–1. With their third World Cup triumph, Brazil were allowed to keep the Jules Rimet Trophy permanently.

The Brazilian team, featuring the likes of world greatest player - Pelé (who was in his fourth and final World Cup), Carlos Alberto, Clodoaldo, Gérson, Jairzinho, Rivelino, and Tostão.

This 1970 Brazilian team is regarded as the greatest attacking World Cup team ever.

They won all of their 6 games on the way to the title, and had also won all of their 6 qualifying games on their way to Mexico. This tournament saw the return of free-flowing, attacking play after the physical battles of 1962 and 1966, and is still considered by many fans to be the finest World Cup in history.

The Italians meanwhile are considered the team with the best defence in the world.

But in the end, the attacking fliar of the Brazilians prevailed.

But what happened after the final whistle was blown?? The entire Brazilian players were mobbed by supporters and fans. This resulted in players losing their jerseys, socks and football boots!!! Even the great Pele lost his prized jersey, and nobody knows where that Jersey is now!!!

Don't believe me?? Well here is the video:

After 4.52 of this video - u can see the total chaos in the field at the Azteca Stadium, Mexico... the players being mobbed by fans and supporters and Pele lost his jersey !!!!

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