Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Prince William and Kate don grass skirts and dance in Tuvalu

Prince William and Kate Middleton donned colorful skirts and showed off their dance skills on the island of Tuvalu, the last stop on their tour of the Far East and South Pacific.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, both 30, arrived on the tiny, remote island on Tuesday, 18th September 2012, where they were transported from the airport on thrones carried by men wearing grass skirts.

Later that day, they joined locals at a dancing celebration. Both got up and joined the performers, swaying their hips and moving their arms.

Kate got to her feet and joined in multiple times, while William saved his dancing for later in the evening.

They also took part in another local custom, in which dignitaries spray perfume on the dancers they like as a symbol of respect or gratitude.

The royal couple brought a bottle of Paul Smith London for Men, which they used to spray the performers.

The high-energy evening comes after the royal couple had an overnight stay at a resort on Tavanipupu in the Solomon Islands.

William and Kate also went snorkeling, sipped pina coladas and enjoyed a romantic dinner under a bamboo canopy, despite heavy tropical rain showers.

"I was astounded at how down to earth and lovely they were. They just seemed to love it. They were happy and relaxed," said Pamela Kimberly, the resort's co-owner.

Tuvalu is the last stop on the couple's nine-day tour, marking Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee.

The Royal pair previously stopped in Singapore, Malaysia and the Solomon Islands.

The trip came as furor erupted over the publication of topless photos of Kate, taken during the couple's vacation in Southern France earlier this month.

On Tuesday, 18th September 2012, a French court ordered a magazine publisher to hand over all digital copies of the photos within 24 hours, and blocked further publication of the images.

The ruling only applies to the French publisher, and not other publications that have already run the photos in Italy and Ireland.

God save the Queen. Long Live England, WIlliam and Kate.

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