Sunday, April 5, 2009

Husband made love with wife's dead body!!

It happened in Chennai, India.

Bernama reports that in a ghastly incident, a wayward husband killed his breadwinner wife of 10 years for refusing to have sex with him and is then alleged to have had intercourse with the dead body.

The murder happened in Poonamellee, about 15km from this southern Indian city, when the jobless 34-year-old accused, Subash Krishnan returned home drunk last Thursday at about 1.30pm and demanded sex from his wife.

The victim, Shanti, 28, who supports the family by selling fruit juice on a pushcart, chided her husband for frequently demanding sex and failing to help out the family financially.

Infuriated by the rejection, the intoxicated husband allegedly assaulted Shanti and when she fell down and became unconscious, strangled her using a skipping rope.

“The accused admitted to both the crimes and the investigation confirms he had sex after murdering her.

“We are still waiting for the postmortem report and will know what exactly happened. He is in jail now,” Inspector N. Velavan of Poonamalle police station told Bernama Sunday.

The man is alleged to have had sex with the wife’s dead body and even inflicted injuries by biting her.

Velavan said one of the accused children discovered their mother’s dead body after returning from school and informed his uncle who called in the police.

The couple have two boys aged seven and 10.

Crazy isn't it?

Now, pity the children, who is going to take care of them?? They lost their mum and also their dad because he is going to prison for a long time for this crime...


Chironex said...

That is what you call a necrophiliac!

The opposite is necrophobia (Slayer's song title), meaning fear of dead bodies!

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

necrophiliac?????? what a name!!!! how about bestiality?????????

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