Monday, February 16, 2009

Footage of Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia in RAMBO 4???

Live for nothing or Die for something - that is the tagline of the movie - RAMBO 4 - starring Slyvester Stallone and directed by him as well.

Almost 100 % of the 4th edition of the diehard full blooded Vietnam war veteran combatant called John Rambo, was filmed in Thailand, only the last part was filmed in USA.

Almost 90 % of the crew were Thai.

In RAMBO 4, there is a split second scene showing a tall mountain, but i doubt the mountain is in Thailand, but rather in Sabah, Malaysia.

The highest peak in Thailand is Mount Inthanon or Doi Inthanon in Chiang Mai at a height of 2,565metres (8,415 feet).. and known as the roof of Thailand.

While the highest peak in Malaysia is Mount Kinabalu in Sabah at 4,095 metres (13,435feet).

Even though the mountain was only displayed for 1 second in Rambo 4, I am 100% sure the mountain is infact Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia and not a mountain in Thailand.

Because as a Sabahan and a Malaysian, i see the mountain everyday and i know it very well.

Futhermore, Mount Inthanon peak is covered by thick forest canopy, while it is totally the opposite at the summit of Mount Kinabalu - all solid rocks and granites.

Stallone claimed 99 % of the movie was filmed in Thailand, only the last part - where Rambo finally went home to his house in USA was filmed in the US.

Maybe Slyvester Stallone needs to give some explanation here?????

Or maybe it was not infact Mount Kinabalu, but other mountain, similar in shape?

These are pictures of Mount Kinabalu, taken from various angles.

This is part of the movie RAMBO 4 on youtube - watch carefully and pause at 4.53... and you will see this mountain very similar to mount Kinabalu...

The following still of the mountain in Rambo 4.

Close Up view of that Mountain in Rambo 4.

Now compare that mountain in Rambo 4 to this picture of Mount Kinabalu taken by Sabah world renowed and award winning photographer Louis Pang from the waters off Pulau Mantanani, Kota Belud.

Well, i am not an expert here.... but YOU JUDGE....

Questions - Does Mr Slyvester Stallone need to apologize here for not crediting Sabah/Malaysia and for not even informing or seek permission from Sabah for that matter...

Furthermore, Sabah's Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment Datuk Masidi Manjun said on 12 March 2009, that as far as he knew there was no such permission being given to the producer of Rambo 4 to use and feature that Mount Kinabalu image in Rambo 4.

And there was no formal application by Stallone for permission to use that mountain footage in his movie.

For the record, Rambo 4 earned 154 million US Dollars in revenue, against 50 million US Dollars in the total cost of making and producing this movie.

Come on Stallone, admit it or else we will loose faith in Rambo, Rocky Balboa, Tango & Cash, Terminator, Predator, Aliens, Men in Black, Jurassic Park, King Kong and anything Made in Hollywood.........


Anonymous said...

every mountain look the same... but Mount KK is indeed majestic!

Anonymous said...

c'mon, we all know how kiasu our reporters are. If Rambo4 was shot anywhere near Msia, it would have been all over the news in our papers. One of the reasons why Hollywood is afraid to shoot in Msia is because our reporters would not leave them alone. Remember Jodie Foster in 'the King & I'? I think they even followed her to the toilet. Remember 'Entrapment'? Sean Connery got so irritated with our reporters, he simply refused any interviews after the movie was shot in Chow Kit Rd. So, you see, if Stallone knew what I'd reporters were like, he'd definitely make Rambo5 about how to run away from Msian reporters.

Anonymous said...

It looks like it's not a still photo.

I dont think it's KInabalu:
- the same mountain look different from various angles
- they could've easily taken a pic of a lower mountain or even hill
- or they could've simply made a model
- or used the wonders of CGI

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

it is clearer if you watch from a DVD........... but to satisfy everybody, i will ask the expert - Tengku Adlin on this issue.... hehehe

I was not saying Rambo 4 was filmed in Malaysia - but the mountain shown in that movie is indeed mt kinabalu.... the production crews can get the footage anywehere without even stepping foot in Sabah.... footages of mount kinabalu are easily available.... you dont have to be physically near the mountain... eg. i can get the visual of the International Space Station without being an astronaut!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ask Tengku Adlin or even better the guys who made the film - whether they used a video footage of Kinabalu.

But I still think even the Tengku cannot be 100% sure, because there can be other mountains or hills in Thailand or other places in the world that looks similar.

Or as I wrote before, it could be a model, or computer generated.

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

no... the highest peak in Thailand is Mount Inthanon in Chiang mai, at 2,500 plus metres only... and the peak is covered by forest and there is a temple like monument on top of mt. inthanon.... and the physical attributes of Ithanon are totally different than the one shown on Rambo 4... i checked the DVD - the last part - the credits to the crews, and there is this wording "additional footages courtesy of (some unknown companies)

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

aiyaaaa.... you all really need to watch Rambo 4 with me and i will bet my one year salary against your one year salary......... that Rambo did use footage of Mount Kinabalu, without the Sabah state government or the Malaysian government knowledge... This box office Stallone company disregard us....the issue here, can any Hollywood or Bollywood movies, use images, visuals or footages in Malaysia or in any countries without acknowledging them?????

In Rambo 4, there is not a single word of thanks to Malaysia for the use of Mount Kinabalu in that movie.....

Chironex said...

After watching the DVD I am now more than 90% sure it IS indeed Mount Kinabalu!

*thinking what to do about it*

Anonymous said...

Okay, I didnt like stallone comebacks (rambo or rocky), but after reading this,... I gotta go and check the movie out!

Thanks ya'll!

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