Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The longest traffic jam in the world is happening now in China...

The longest traffic jam in the world - it will probably take one month for you to reach your Office from your house. And probably another month for you to reach home from Office - so 2 months will be spent to go to office and to go back to your home.

It means while spending 2 months stuck in the traffic jam - You will still get your 2 months salary!!!

This mega horrific event happend at the highway from Heibei to Beijing, China. The traffic jam started 14 August 2010 stretching 60 miles and after 10 days which is today, the cars, trucks, buses and lorries are still stuck in the highway.

The cause of this hell are road construction, cars breaking downs, cars running out of gas/petrol and accidents - all happenings at the same time!!!

Based on the circumstances plus the road construction works, authorities said the traffic jam could continue for another month..!!!!

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