Monday, August 2, 2010

108-year-old wife tells secret to keep 38 year old hubby faithful to her

Wook Kundor is a 108 year old woman living in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia.

She is happily married to her husband, Mohd Noor Che Musa who is 70 years younger than her.

Infact, Mohd Noor is her 23rd husband..!!!!

Wook was married 22 times before but all her 22 husbands had already passed away.

So what makes a 38 year old man, faithful to her 108 year old wife??

Yesterday on sunday 1st August 2010, Wook Kundor told the local Malaysian media that it is her “killer massage” that she learned from her ancestors that keep her husband happily married to her.

The traditional massage is what is keeping her husband, glued to her side.

“I will massage him when he starts to talk about younger women. This will dissuade him from thinking about them,” she said when met at her house in Kampung Bukit Tok Bat in Kuala Berang.

Asked the technique of the massage, Wook refused to share her secret, but said the focal point of the massage was to concentrate on rubbing the sensitive parts of the body.

She said it was the same massage that she used to keep all her previous 22 husbands remain true to her until their death.

Wook also revealed that one of the golden rules in the traditional massage was to first effleurage (stroking movement in massage) the masseur before doing the same on the partner.

“It will usually take about an hour to complete the massage that will totally relax your partner. This will create a closer bond between husband and wife,” she said.

Apart from giving her husband regular massage, Wook also keeps him happy by cooking him delicious food.

She also avoids nagging her husband as she believes hen-pecking could lead to cracks in a marriage.

“I hear a lot of stories from my neighbours about wives who nag at their husbands. Nagging is bad for a marriage as men generally hate it,” she said.

Wook also said that she always made it a point to keep herself clean at all times and never failed to perform her daily prayers as that also helped to strengthen a marriage.

Asked how she was coping after Mohd Noor was released from Besut drug rehabilitation centre following 18 months of treatment, Wook said they were happier except for some financial constraints.

She said many people who had promised to secure employment for Mohd Noor after he was released had reneged on their words.

“But I told my husband not to give up and to keep looking. I fear that if he is not working, he will revert to hisdrug habit,” she said.

Mohd Noor was detained for drug abuse early last year.

The union between Wook and her much younger bridegroom five years ago grabbed worldwide media attention.

Well may you live happily ever after Wook Kundor and Mohd Noor..!!!

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