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Even the fiery Bung Moktar sheds tears!!!

The above video showing fiery debate by Member of Parliament for Kinabatangan, Sabah, East Malaysia, YB Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin in the Parliament on 9th December 2007. Bung Moktar was taking part in this debate after DAP MP for Batu Gajah, Malacca YB Fong Po Kuan moved a motion to deduct RM10 from the then Prime Minister's salary who was also the Minister of Internal Security and which Fong Po Kuan said had failed miserably in safeguarding the lives and properties of Malaysians.

At that time, the Malaysian Prime Minister was Datuk Seri (now Tun) Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Picture below shows the softer side of Bung Moktar after he was spared a one month jail sentence for polygamy without consent by the Shah Alam Syariah High Court on 10th August 2010.

Biarlah Bulan by Broery Marantika is Datuk Bung Moktar favourite song..!!

The headlines of most of Malaysia's mainstream newspapers were quite shocking on 11 August 2010 because they reads "Tears Of Joy As Bung Moktar Escapes Jail Sentence In Polygamy Case".

Well we did expect Bung Moktar to escape the one month jail sentence for polygamy without consent but to hear him crying, tears flowing, was unexpected at all.

This is because Bung Moktar is reknown in Malaysia for his fiery and sometimes controversial and no holds barred statements in the Parliament.

He is one tough guy and tough guys don't cry!!!

But no matter how tough you are, every man has this soft spot.

Ask Alexander The Great, Napoleon Bonaparte, Lenin, Stalin, Churchill, Barack Obama and even the Big Show - the 500 pound professional wrestler - They all had cried before..

People shed tears for many reasons - be it jofyul occassions or saddness.

And it was understood in Bung Moktar's case. But he has a beautiful wife to console him - Zizie Ezzette - the glamorous Malaysian actress who won Bung Moktar's heart. It was reported that Zizie herself did not cry after the verdict was announced by the Shah Alam Syariah High Court on August 11, 2010/

Well these event summed up the Kinabatangan member of parliament's immediate reaction to the decision of the Syariah High Court in Shah Alam, which set aside a one-month jail sentence imposed on him in May 2010, for polygamy without consent.

This is the side of Bung Moktar few have seen as the visibly-moved politician wiped away his tears of joy.

Zizie stroked his back to calm her man as Bung Moktar said:

"I am grateful for the judgment handed down by the court. It is the best gift for this Ramadan.

"I will continue to serve as an elected representative, and thank everyone, especially family members, friends and the media who have been supporting me."

Zizie Izette, wearing a scarf and clad in a pink modern kurung, also expressed gratitude to those who stood by the couple during the case.

Selangor Syariah Chief Judge Mukhyuddin Ibrahim, in his judgment, however, ordered Bung Moktar, 51, to pay the RM1,000 fine, in default six months' jail.

When handing down the judgment, Mukhyuddin said he accepted five of the 13 petitions filed by Bung Moktar in the appeal, including the fact that Bung Moktar was a first offender.

He noted that the lower court had erred in not taking into consideration that fact when handing down the jail sentence on Bung Moktar.

However, he said the jail sentence meted by the Lower Syariah Court was low, considering Bung Moktar's position where as a respected leader and member of parliament, he should know the syariah law.

"Nevertheless, it is unfair to link the appellant (Bung Moktar) as a member of parliament with the formulation of the syariah law because the syariah law is set by the state government.

"Hence, the court accepts the appellant's petition that the lower court had meted out the jail sentence on him, without taking into account his position as member of parliament, and handing down the sentence on grounds that if a commensurate sentence is not handed down, it will invite negative perception from the public on the credibility of the Syariah Court," he added.

Mukhyuddin said the Syariah Lower Court also failed to consider the implication of the conviction or jail sentence on Bung Moktar's position and finance, in view of his huge responsibility towards his family.

He opined that if Bung Moktar were to be sent to jail, it would adversely affect his two wives and children and would create social problems.

"After studying submissions by both parties, the court finds that the suitable sentence for the appellant is a maximum fine without imprisonment.

"Therefore, the jail sentence on the appellant is commuted to RM1,000 fine or six months' jail if he fails to pay the fine," he added.

Bung Moktar is represented by Syarie lawyer Amli Embong while Zusyarafain Md Yusof prosecuted.

On May 19, the Gombak Timur Syariah Lower Court sentenced Bung Moktar to a month's jail for committing polygamy without consent, with Zizie at No: 12, Jalan TC2B/3 Cemerlang Heights, Taman Melati, Gombak at 8.50pm on Dec 16, last year.

He was also fined RM1,000 or a month's jail for abetting Zizie in marrying her, without the consent of the Registrar of Marriage, Divorce and Reconciliation at the same place, time and date.

On May 25, Bung Moktar filed an appeal against the jail sentence.

Definitely a Ramadhan gift for Bung Moktar.... The most important thing is that Kinabatangan Parliamentary constituency which is as big as Pahang - the largest state in West Malaysia, continues to get mega development by the ruling Barisan Nasional state and federal government.

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