Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Little New Zealand Girl wins staredown with a 1,000 pounds African Lion

Call this David vs Goliath. Little 3 year old girl, Sofia Walker versus the King of Beast, 10 times larger and 100 times meaner than her, but Sofia wins.

Sofia Walker may be the bravest little girl ever to have visited the Wellington Zoo in New Zealand, but the 3-year-old's recent stare-down with a large African lion was undoubtedly unnerving to her her mother, who was watching from nearby.

To be sure, not many adults could maintain this kind of poise with the King of Beasts a mere inches away, face to face, pawing at the glass in flurries.

Sofia had climbed onto a small platform in front of where the lion was beginning to feed.

"He walked up to the glass and this is the surprise reaction," said her father, Julian. "This went on for five minutes and I'm very proud of my daughter."

Would you be this brave? I don't think so.

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