Thursday, January 19, 2012

Only in China, Bride raped while husband took photographs of the rape

This is not the Bride.

Believe it or not. This could only happen in China, a land of 1 billion people.

International media reported that a bride in China was raped by a man after her wedding dinner while her husband took photographs of the vicious and horrendous attack.

The photographs were then uploaded online and they went viral.

Many netizens called the husband a “beast” and said they wanted to launch a hunt for him. I also want to hunt for him and kill him, as simple as that because that husband is a beast, not a human being.

It was reported that the bride was drunk after the wedding dinner. She had walked into the bedroom to find the man and her husband in there.

The man then went on to rape the bride and instead of stopping him, the husband took photographs of them.

Screw him..!!!

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