Friday, January 13, 2012

Thailand man, Chadil Duffy marries his dead bride-to-be

2012 is only 13 days old but we already have this undoubtedly the strangest story of 2012 thus far.

This is the ultimate story of True Love. A Thai man loves his girl till death.

A young man in Thailand has married his dead girlfriend and to him, there is no "Till Death Do Us Apart"!!

The man, Chadil Duffy, and longtime girlfriend Sarinya had agreed to marry, but before they had the chance, Sarinya died unexpectedly.

However, Duffy, intent on following through on his promise to his girlfriend of 10 years, last week invited many of his friends and family to a local temple in Surin province where he held a wedding cum funeral ceremony.

The oddly touching, yet inescapably macabre scene became an instant viral sensation in Duffy’s native Thailand, as news of the ceremony spread via YouTube and various social networking sites after Duffy posted pictures from the wedding on his Facebook account.

Well, to me, this is what we call TRUE LOVE.

May Sarinya Rest in Peace. And May Chadil Duffy lives in peace

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