Friday, February 22, 2013

Scary wife in Malaysia....

In Malaysia, a man was hacked by his wife with a meat cleaver in a fit of rage at their home in Hulu Klang recently, February 2013, Harian Metro newspaper reported.

According to police sources, the man asked his wife, in her late 30's, to complete her prayers when he arrived home from work.

“The wife became angry, ran to the kitchen and drew a meat cleaver,” said the source.

“He could only cover himself with both his hands and run for safety,” said the source.

The man lodged a report at Taman Melawati police station before rushing to the Ampang hospital for treatment.

In the victim's report, it was said that he did not fight back because he feared for the safety of his eight-month-old daughter.

He added that he had been abused by his wife since a year ago and had not made any report in the hopes that she would change.

Ampang Jaya district deputy chief of police superintendent Md Nazri Zawawi confirmed that a report had been lodged.

Hmmm.. any wife beater out there.. this is one hell of a match..

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