Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Elizabeth Lambert - the most vicious female footballer in the world

Only wild Gorillas play like that!!!

Normally rough plays in sports are only associated with men.

But not in the case of Elizabeth Lambert, 20, a university student who plays for New Mexico Lobos in the USA.

In a recent match in a local tournament against BYU Cougars, Elizabeth Lambert who plays as a defender, committed numerous unspeakable fouls against her opponents - fouls that can only be associated with a Wrestling match or a Boxing bout!!

During the match, She was seen pulling the hair of her opponent and throwing the helpless victim to the ground, punching the back of another opposing player as well as kicking and "clotheslining" her hapless opponent - those unsportmanship behaviours deserved a straight Red Card or multiple Yellow Cards or a stint in Jail, but sadly the referee during that match was BLIND!!!!!

Enraged with what they saw, a group of people is now organising a campaign on Facebook to ban Lambert permanently from playing competitive football..

Strange enough, she is majoring in Occupational Therapy in her University studies.

Perhaps she should switch to "How to manhandle a monster" or "How to behave yourself without wanking" in her studies!!!

Well, these songs are specially dedicated to Elizabeth Lambert from people all around the world and the universe.

Anna David - Fuck You Elizabeth Lambert!!!

and this song too :

or this song...


pinolobu said...

Following recent tradition, I'd say: Sabud will never play like that!

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

Well Sabud is a gentleman in all occassion - reacts only when provoked at the highest level and after extreme Mingkorobibi ballad motions after consuming collosal amount of multiple choice Alcoholic Beverages!!!!

And Sabud is a Liverpool Fan!!!!

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