Monday, November 23, 2009

Thiery Henry handball incident - it is time to use video technology

Ireland branded Thierry Henry as "Le Cheat"!!!! Why?? Because Thierry Henry handled the ball before passing the ball to William Gallas for a 2-1 aggregate victory to send France to the 2010 World Cup Final in South Africa, at the expense of Ireland.

Yes... the traditional luck of the Irish, deserted them that day..

Well, in the highly charged match, the incident happened in split seconds - less than 0.001 seconds - impossible for the referee to see...... but it could have been a different story, if video technology was used...

French football great - Michael Platini said, the use of video technology will kill the game... But i would like to ask Platini - without the use of video technology, the referees will kill the games... How many high level matches had ended up like this??

If video technology was used - the 1986 World Cup winner would not have been Argentina.... Everybody saw Diego Maradonna used his hand to score the 1st goal for Argentina against England in the quarter final of the 1986 tournament... yet the referee was blind...!!!! Maradonna went on to single handedly guided Argentina to lift the 1986 World Cup.. with a 3-2 victory over West Germany in the final.

If video techonology was used, the 1966 World Cup winner would have been West Germany and not England... The match ended 4-2 in favour of England with Geoff Hurst scoring a hattrick.

But after 43 years, Hurst 3rd goal was still disputed till this day....!!

A study conducted by the Engineering Department at Oxford University concluded that the ball did not cross the line entirely and that it was 6 cms away from being a goal.

Watch the controversial goal by Hurst in the 1966 World Cup Final..

And finally, if video technology was used - Ireland would have qualified to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and not France...

Thierry Henry November 2009 handball was worse than Diego Maradonna infamous 1986 hand of God, handball goal.. For Maradonna only handled the ball once but Henry handled the ball TWICE...

Thierry Henry, what is wrong with you??? You have won everything the world football has to offer.. you name it - the World Cup, the Euro, the English Premier League, The La Liga Spanish League, the UEFA Champions League... Henry has won it all...!!!!

With France, Henry won the 1998 World Cup (France beat Brazil 3-0 in the final) and the Euro 2000 (France 2-1 Italy in the final).

With Arsenal, Henry won the Barclay's English Premier League title, twice.

With his current club, Barcelona - Henry won the 2008/2009 UEFA Champions League, beating Manchester United 2-0 as well as the Spanish La Liga title that year...

Finally, to FIFA, please use video technology..... no man can spot a handball or fouls committed in 0.0000001 seconds!!!!

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