Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The youngest Millionaire in the world could be a 10 year old boy with an IQ of over 200

At the age of 10, he is the CEO, Chief Executive Officer of 2 companies, while kids of his age are still playing Alvin and the Chipmunks and listening to Donald Duck vs Mickey Mouse.

Well, Malaysian wonder boy and child genius - Adi Putra Abdul Ghani, is now the chief executive officer of two companies selling vitamins under the brand ADI - his name of course.

Adi Putra (or the true name of Hang Tuah - the legendary Malay Warrior in the 15th century) could also be the youngest ever University lecturer in the world.

He charges RM6,000 per hour for lectures in various Universities in Malaysia, 2 Malaysian Chinese language newspapers - Sin Chew Daily and Nanyang Siang Pau reported.

The dailies said his mother Serihana Alias operates the two companies, which sell vitamins to boost memory, creativity and intelligent values.

Adi Putra, who is supposed to be attending Year Four classes at his age, has stopped schooling because for him the syllabus and subjects being tought are too easy.

Well, Adi Putra can solve complex and University Level mathematicals equations, easily. Such as this :
f(x) = x/2 if x is even
f(x) = (3*x+1)/2 if x is odd

He has been invited to certain local universities to give lectures.

The Perak-born child genius, who moved to Selangor with his family a few years ago, was quoted as saying that he wanted to be a lecturer in Islamic studies.

Serihana said he keeps track of foreign stock markets via the Internet and studies at home.

“He’s interested in mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography and biology, but not so much in history and politics. He dislikes reading books but loves spending his time browsing the Net for study materials.

“Adi also hopes to study in Canada, Singapore or the United States, but we have yet to come to a final decision,” she said.

Adi Putra has been invited to show his special abilities at various talk shows in Malaysia including this one on Astro Ria where he was able to memorise a 35 digit set of numbers including reciting them backwards as well as giving correct terminologies for the 35 digits numbers, some words he uttered are completely alien to us and had never been heard before!!

More videos of Adi Putra :

Well, could it be that Adi Putra father is an opposition supporter??


pinolobu said...

There's a long way to go - for starters need to avoid pitfalls into which people like Mohd Shukri Hadafi (1970s Malay genius), Sufiah Yusof and Chiang Ti Ming fell.

Then it's time to square up against the giants: Ben Pridmore is the current World Memory Champion - look him up - he'd have Adi Putra for breakfast.

As for Maths, I'll always look no further than the great Srinivasa Ramanujan, the greatest Asian maths genius who ever lived, and quite possibly the greatest maths genius ever:

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

But expert in child prodigy said a child genius is only good at Maths... and not the other subjects... so this boy, Adi Putra will score average marks in Geography, History, Lukisan and Sivik!!! Heck, i almost got all A1 for all 8 exam papers in my SRP, SPM and ALevel!!! Remember Albert Einstein - he failed his exam at school but went on to prove that we can reverse time if we travel 100 times faster than the speed of light!!!

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