Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kristanna Loken and Shirley Manson - 2 most beautiful and sexy Terminators

The movies and TV series - Terminator - made famous by Arnold Schwarzennegger are my favourites.

The catch phrases "I'll be Back", "John Connor, It's time", "Talk to the Hands" and "Trust Me" and "Come if you wanna live" and "Are You Sarrah Connor or Are You John Connor?" before The Terminator whipped out an UZI Assault submachine gun or a Magnum .357 Pistol and shooting indiscriminately and viciously are hard to forget!!

In Terminator 3 - the Rise of The Machines - The villain Terminator was played by a beautiful girl - Kristanna Loken.

In Terminator - the TV series - the Terminator T1001 is the beautiful and sexy Shirley Manson - the lead singer of Garbage (an alternative band).

Gee.... how i wish i can sleep with both Terminators on my bed!!!

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