Monday, April 5, 2010

Funny advertisement for snake oil traditional medicine

This was found at one of the Pasar Tamu (weekly market) in Sabah. The exact location is unknown.

This is an advertisement for a traditional medicine - snake oil that supposedly can cure all kinds of ilnesses such as mati pucuk (male infertility), rheumatism (sakit tulang), sex related illnesses, gout, dog bites, asthma, itchiness as well as magically enabling paralysed people, to walk again.

But judging from the numerous spelling errors - one wonder wether this medicine, cures you or kills you straight away!!!

I bet this guy scored 0.00 % in bahasa Malaysia exam either at primary school or secondary school.

Spelling errors include :

1. Hanjing - supposed to be anjing (dog)
2. mati putcuk - mati pucuk (male infertile)
3. kenna ratsun - kena racun - poisoning
4. gatar gatar - gatal gatal (itchiness)
5. lumpu - lumpuh - paralyse
6. parampuan habis baranak - perempuan baru bersalin - mother who newly gave birth
7. gigitan hanjing - gigitan anjing - dog bites
8. hampus - nasib baik bukan mampus!!! - ampus - lelah - asthma
9. lukak - luka - wound
10. tapatuk ular - dipatuk ular - snake bites
11. muta bira - i have no idea the meaning of this - possibly mata biru kena tumbuk (blue eye as a result of being punched!!!)

What rubbish!!! Try calling the phone number and see what the hell is actually being sold!!!


Kelvin said...

Lol, maybe the person is a pure chinese :D

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

Kelvin... i think that guy is not a Malaysian... maybe from a neighbouring country.. with a very low academic background but with a super high "doctorate" degree!!!!

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