Thursday, October 20, 2011

Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard fails to curtsey to Queen Elizabeth II

Australia's socialist Prime Minister, Julia Gillard is under fire for failing to curtsey to Queen Elizabeth II on Her Majesty's arrival in Canberra for an 11 days visit to Australia.

The 50 year old Welsh born Prime Minister did not even bothered to wear a hat as a sign of respect.

Julia Gillard, a self-confessed republican, chose to bow instead. Monarchists describe Gillard's actions as 'churlish' and lacking respect. I am sure many Australians would have agreed to the Monarchists opinion. A curtsey can be done in 0.5 seconds, so what is wrong with Gillard?

Australian Governor General Quentin Bryce, who was also there to greet the monarch, did curtsey.

As a result, Gillard was forced to defend herself today, 20th October 2011 for her disrespect when she greeted the 85 year old Queen, explaining 'it's just not me'.

The leader of the Australian Labor Party, when asked on a Sydney radio station on 20th October 2011 whether she believed curtseying was demeaning, said: 'Some things are you, some things aren't.

'I made a choice and I thought I would feel most comfortable with bowing my head. The advice was - do what comes most comfortably and naturally.'

Miss Gillard, who was born in Wales and was taken to Australia with her parents when she was four, said she was an admirer of the Queen and believed many Australians held her in a great deal of affection and respect - 'and so do I'.

She added: 'I mean, what a life, what an incredible life she's lived over so many generations of change and to see someone play such a steadfast role over so much change, I think, is remarkable.'

But while Miss Gillard insisted she had not shown disrespect, Mr William Hanson, a British etiquette and protocol expert, told Sydney's 3AW radio that not only should she have curtseyed - she should have worn a hat.

He said: 'She is your prime minister, she is representing the people but the Queen tops her, the Queen is the top of the tree, so as a sign of respect, whatever her opinion on the monarchy is, she should have curtseyed.'

So Miss Gillard, please learn something here...

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