Monday, October 31, 2011

Massive explosion in Kota Kinabalu as passenger train with 200 passengers rammed into an oil tanker, 12 injured

Pictures source : The Star and Facebook.

This is not the actual accident in Sabah on 31st October 2011, but just to demonstrate the impact of a massive train hitting a truck.

The aftermath of the train versus oil tanker in Kepayan, Sabah on 31st October 2011, recorded by passersby.

Another visual of the train vs oil tanker, recorded by passersby.

KOTA KINABALU, 31st October 2011 :

A huge explosion ripped through a commuter train with 200 passengers after it collided with a fuel tanker at an ``unmanned'' railway crossing near a petrol station in Kepayan, near Kota Kinabalu. At least 12 people were seriously injured.

The worst accident in the history of the Sabah Railway Department happened at around 5.40 pm.

Most passengers scrambled out from the rear driver's compartments as they fled the inferno that spread almost immediately following the impact between the four carriages and the Shell tanker.

But 34 of the 200 passengers could not be traced though police have ascertained, as of 7.45pm, that no one else was inside the wrecked carriages.

However, a detailed search is being carried by police, firemen and Sabah Railway staff.

Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Hamza Taib said the train impacted the tank section of the lorry carrying some 27,000 litres of petrol as it was heading into the Shell station to deliver the fuel.

Upon impact, the first carriage derailed while the second unit landed atop the tanker that exploded at the crossing which Sabah Railways director Mohd Zin Mohd Said had classified as ``illegal.''

Hamza said at 7.45pm that there were no deaths ``as yet'' and they have detained the driver of the (stupid and foolish) oil tanker for questioning while the train driver Ali Ramli, 50, escaped injuries.

Ambulances carrying the injured to the hospital were trapped in a massive traffic snarl due to motorists slowing down or stopping indiscriminately to watch the accident and the situation was further aggravated by a heavy thunderstorm.

The colonial railway is the only commercial rail line in Borneo Island that operates services from Kota Kinabalu to west coast towns and interior Tenom.

``This is the worst mishap in our history,'' said Mohd Zin.

To me, the stupid oil tanker driver should be burnt alive for his carelessness while crossing the railway, could not be tolerated.

The oil tanker driver was blind and cared only for himself and did not give a damn on others' lives!!

Just shoot and burn that stupid guy, he is a nuisance in this planet!!!

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