Wednesday, January 28, 2009

After Steven Gerrard, It's Robinho.... ooolalalala

It looks like the start of 2009 is not plain smooth sailing for some of the world top footballers in the English Premier League..

Apart from dazzling millions of people worldwide with their sublime football skills, their antics outside the pitch also never fail to mesmerize us.

First, to hit the headlines was Liverpool and England midfielder, Steven Gerrard who has been capped by England 70 times and capped by Liverpool more than 560 times since his debut at the Merseyside club in November 1998.

Gerrard is a well respected footballer for he has captained his country 4 times and was made an MBE or Member of the British Empire in 2007.

On 23 January 2009, Gerrard was brought to a Magistrate Court in Merseyside on charges of causing actual bodily harm and affray to a 34 year old man at the Lounge Inn nightclub in Southport on 29 December 2008.

However Gerrard denied any wrongdoings.

Instead he told the court that he will plead not guilty when his case is heard in the next hearing scheduled on March 20.

Affray means fighting in a public place, and actual bodily harm means seriously hurting someone.

Two other men were also at the Magistrates' Court with Gerrard, facing the same charges.

They said they will plead not guilty as well.

The 34-year-old man had to go to hospital for injuries to his face.

But, as a hardcore and diehard Liverpool fan, I truly believe that Gerrard is innocent….

Maybe the perpetrator of the incident is a rival club fan – and he did that on purpose.

He initiated the attack by maybe verbally taunt or physically attack Gerrard – to make sure the midfield maestro lands into trouble and thus affecting Liverpool quest to become champion of the English Premier Leauge this season….

Be strong Gerrard – You will never walk alone….

After Gerrard, it was Robinho – the sensation from Brazil – Manchester City’s topstriker who hit the headlines with negative reports as well.

When Robinho first played in Spain with Real Madrid, he was rarely into troubles.

But barely 5 months since his British record 32.5 million pound high profile transfer to Manchester City, Robinho has hit the ugly headlines twice in a space of 7 days.

On 19 January, he stunned his team-mates and fans, when he was absent from Manchester City training camp in Tenerife.

His reason was – he had an urgent family matters to settle and he had to fly all the way to Brazil.
Ok.. Reason accepted but Manchester City is expected to fine him an estimated £200,000 (his fortnight wages) - as punishment.

But then today, 28 January 2009, Robinho hits the headlines again for his off the field antics, this time more shockingly...

This latest incident reportedly happened at a night club in Leeds – again night clubs seems to be the root of all evils…!!!! Hahaha

This time, he was arrested by police over allegation of “sexual assault” or rape.

The rape is alleged to have happened in the early hours of January 14, in the VIP area of the Space nightclub.

It was reported to police that afternoon.

Robinho reportedly had gone to Leeds with team-mates for a night out.

The girl, a student at a Yorkshire university but from the south of England, was with pals.

The two-room venue holds around 800 people and is popular with soccer stars.

The 25 year old Brazilian international, whose real name is Robson de Souza, "strenuously denied any allegation of wrongdoing and is willing to co-operate with the police if further required".

He had been released on bail.

City are due to host Newcastle in the Premier League tonight.

A source said: “He will be back training as normal and is expected to play.”

Manchester City refused to comment so far.

Gee Robinho…. You don’t have to do that…. Millions of female fans all over the world are crazy about you…. even tough your status are known to them- you are married with one kid.

Well if you want to, you can have 20 girlfriends on your bed at any one time if you can't really control your libido….!!!!

Yes...... you may possess great skills in controling the ball... yet you can't control your own "balls" from jumping out of your trousers...!!!!

And now i know why you suddenly left training and flew all the way to Brazil on January 19 - the police was looking for you over that incident..


Annoymous said...

Oh god. footballers, you get paid millions and you can't use it to find a hooker?

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

sometimes, it's the girls' fault... they are the one who initiate the temptation and in the end maybe to blackmail to get big money - you report to the authorities....

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