Friday, January 2, 2009

Datuk conrad mojuntin, nephew, jailed

Datuk Conrad (left)

He was a former Sabah cabinet minister of culture, youth and sports during the Berjaya led state government of Sabah in the 1980's. However New Year 2009 for Datuk Conrad Mojuntin, 60, is not what he has hoped to look forward to.

According to local news report including Bernama and The Star Online, Datuk Conrad, today January 2nd, 2009, was sentenced to six months’ jail for criminal intimidation of a businessman, in connection with the fatal shooting of a man three years ago, more precisely at 3.30 am, on October 23rd 2005, outside a nightspot -SJD Cafe & Sports at Donggongon, Penampang.

High Court judicial commisioner Datuk Abdul Rahman Sebli also ordered Conrad and his nephew David Mojuntin, 45, to pay RM2,000 each or face three months’ jail in default in a second charge of causing hurt to a businessman at 4 am, at the same venue and date. They paid the fine.

Justice Abdul Rahman however allowed a stay of execution of the jail sentence after Conrad’s lawyer Zahir Shah said they would appealing against it. Datuk Conrad was subsequently released on RM5,000 bail.


Chironex said...

He might never ever see even 1 second jail time?

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

yes dato...... tatappp

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