Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kaka, what is holding you???

Kaka, what are you waiting for???

If you are offered a salary of 500,000 Pound Sterling per WEEK, will you accept it or reject it?

Answer = only a lunatic and an imbecile person will turn it down.

Brazil and AC Milan superstar Kaka – the 2007 world and European player of the year is reportedly offered that staggering amount of money as Starting Salary if he agree to move to Manchester City from AC Milan.

But he is unsure about it until he meet the person who made that offer – an Arab Billionaire – Sheikh Mansour Zayed al Nahyan.

Sheikh Mansour, a member of the royal family of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, reportedly also offered 100 million Pound Sterling to AC Milan to let go Kaka.

Hey…. 500,000 pound – an ordinary person will have to work and toil for decades to earn that amount of money – Kaka needs only work for a week to make that fortune!!!

Wake up Kaka, take it.... grab the offer… for goodness sake…

If that materialize, Kaka will be playing alongside another Brazilian superstar – Robinho at Manchester City….

Today latest story reports that Kaka is reluctant to move to England…!!!!

What the heck!!!!

Wake up KAKA…..!!!!


Annoymous said...

Manchester city is not a very good club in the 1st place. It's only starting to become better in the recent years too.

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

harmony, Nottingham Forest used to be one of the worst teams in the English Premier Leauge... but that club won The European Cup, 2 consecutive times in 1979 and 1980... the important thing is the players.... not the name of the club... Say an uknown club known as singapore fc, but with players like kaka, robinho, ronaldinho, juninho, messi, cristiano ronaldo etc.... singapore fc can win the champions leauge, world cup and world club champions!!! hehe

Annoymous said...

Ah, but if he joins, Man city might not also win any trohpies this season and maybe even the next as you know competition is so fierce in BPL. It takes more than a Kaka to win the league.

But i too wish he'll join. I'll be watching

Anonymous said...

GBP500K a week, that's about RM12 million a month. If I'm not mistaken, Beckham's earning the same amount in the US.

Even seasoned sports commentators in old Blighty are screaming blue murder.

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

Harmony, yes you are right, Man City is now struggling to stay in the top flight of the English Premier Leauge... a respectable finish would be top10, the best hope is maybe to win the domestic title - Leauge Cup and FA Cup... (if there are still in contention) and if all goes well, Man City might even qualify for the UEFA Cup....!!!

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