Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Virginity that costs millions of ringgit

Refering to my entry earlier about Artificial Virginity... i think this newsreport from Kuching is worth reading.... because virginity actually cost millions of ringgit in monetary terms.

The civil suit was filed April last year at the Kuching High Court in Sarawak by a school teacher, seeking "a few million ringgit" damages over the loss of her virginity....!!!!

Here is the newsreport...

A school teacher has brought a civil suit against her husband claiming for a few million ringgit damages over the loss of her virginity.

The plaintiff, about 30 years old, from Kuching, is bringing an action against her businessman husband (the first defendant), father-in-law (second defendant), and the mother-in-law (third defendant), all from Serian.

It was said that the writ of summons as well as the statement of claims had been served on all three defendants.

She made a claim (from the husband) for the loss of her virginity, ‘loss of damage for humiliation’ and mental torture including harm suffered.

In addition, she was also asking for the Kancil car given to her as a gift (out of a promise) to be returned.It was reported that the vehicle, which was registered under the name of another woman, was taken back by the defendant.

The claimant is also seeking for any other reliefs as the court deems fit and proper to the suit.

She was still a university student when sometime in 2006 she met a man (now her husband) slightly younger than her.

After a few months of courtship, they decided to become husband and wife in the future.

It was said that they had spent a night together at a hotel here.

The plaintiff claimed that it was her first sexual experience with a man and she had surrendered her virginity to him that night upon the promise that the first defendant would be responsible for his act and marry her.

She even disclosed to the first defendant before he registered their marriage that due to a surgical operation before she would not be able to conceive a child.

The man allegedly broke his promise a few months ago (despite the fact that they had registered as husband and wife at the end of last year but without going through the Chinese ceremony).

It was also claimed that problems began to arise since the end of last year because the husband’s parents had interfered with the relationship.

The plaintiff was told by the parents that she would not be accepted as part of the family.

According to the plaintiff, the parents had also made baseless accusations against her.

Feeling that she had been deceived and misrepresented, she filed her case in the High Court.

It was learned that apart from the civil suit, there is a possibility of criminal proceeding against the first defendant.

Whoaaa... i didn't follow this case - so i don't know the outcome - wether the respected Court did award her millions of ringgit over the loss of her virginity or wether the matter was settled amicably out of court....

So guys... before taking or piercing through someone's virginity, this story is worth reading.... hehehe...

Happy Blogging Folks....!!!


Annoymous said...

Come on , husband and wife is meant to take away the V.... so why a lawsuit. She's going to lose badly if she comes here

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

i think she is suffering from alienphobia!!!

Annoymous said...

Perhaps, she's delusional. But her husband's a wreck. She just made the wrong choice of her life

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