Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Tale of Two Gazas

The first tale of GAZA

The ongoing bombardment, air and land assault by Israeli forces on Gaza has killed almost 500 people and injuring thousands others, many of them innocent civilians, child, women and eldery man who have nothing to do with the firing of rockets into Israel by Hamas, which triggered the more than week long attack by arguably the greatest army in the world.

By military strength, Hamas is no match to Israel.

Since Israel became a country in 1948, the U.S. has given $14.9 billion as at 2006, in military aid.
The total number of Israeli military manpower is 2,936,041 or almost 3 million.

Israel's formidable fighting machine includes an air force in which 85% of the 602 combat aircraft are American-built.
F-15 Eagles

F16 Falcons

Among them: 40 F-15 Eagles, 75 F-16 Fighting Falcons, 138 F-4E Phantoms (built by McDonell-Douglas) and 246 A-4 Skyhawks, each boasts a frightening set of deadly weapons including Gatling Guns, air to ground and air to air missiles and Rockets.

F-4E Phantoms

A-4 Skyhawks

On the ground, the Israeli army has more than 3,500 tanks, of which 1,460 are from the U.S.

810 of them are highly advanced M-60s Heavy Tanks with a 105 mm main Gun.

and 650 more are M-48s Tanks equipeed with 90mm gun.
The IDF or Israeli Defence Forces also produced their own Tanks - The Merkava.
The 65 tonne Merkava has huge firepower through its primary weapon - a 120 mm gun. It is their main battle Tank..!!

Merkava Tank

M60 Tanks

M48 Tanks

Israel has 4,000 Ml 13 armoured personell carrier in its Infantry units.
Nearly 1,000 Artillery units, including 175-mm self-propelled guns and 155-mm and 203-mm self-propelled howitzers, it provide 90% of the Israeli army's powerful force.

175 mm howitzers

Recently Israel has also added into its awesome arsenal - 11 new F-15s fighter jets, 800 more M113 personnel carriers, 200 self-propelled howitzers, 200 improved Hawk antiaircraft missiles and some 1,000 Maverick and Sidewinder missiles.

And Now.....

The second tale of Gaza or rather Gazza


The second tale of Gaza or Gazza is not in Gaza, but rather in England.

Paul Gascoigne or better known as Gazza was one of England soccer superstar. He helped England reached the semifinal of the 1990 world cup in Italy – the best ever achievement since England became World Cup winner in 1966.

However after retirement, Gazza still hits the headlines of British and world Media because of his addiction to booze and drugs, which nearly killed him.

Even his 12 year old son, Regan, was reported to have said this “If I could wish, I would wish that he would go away from us. He's probably going to die soon” during a TV documentary shown on Channel 4.

But Gazza is determined to end that miserable life of his by staying sober for 1 month already….

We still remember what happened to Northern Ireland and Manchester United football legend – George Best… whose ravishing lifestyles of booze, drugs, girls and rock n roll had finally taken its tool.. Rest in Peace Mr Best..

And that concludes my tale of the Two Gazas….


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