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what happened on 2 january 1935 (74 years ago)?? Bruno Hauptmann - the most hated person in the world in 1935

Do you know, what happened exactly 74 years ago???

A German carpenter - Bruno Haptmann became the world most hated man in 1935 for a crime he purportedly commited and dubbed as The Crime of The Century..

And what is that all about????

Bruno Hauptmann (The most hated man in 1935)

Bruno Richard Hauptmann (November 26, 1899April 3, 1936) was sentenced to death and executed for the abduction and murder of Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr., the 20-month-old son of famous pilots Charles Lindbergh and Anne Morrow Lindbergh.
The Lindbergh kidnapping gained international infamy, and has become known as "The Crime of the Century."

Charles Lindbergh & Anne Morrow Lindbergh

On May 20–21, 1927, Charles Lindbergh emerged from virtual obscurity to world fame as the result of his solo non-stop flight from New York (Roosevelt Field) to Paris (Le Bourget Field) in the single-seat, single-engine monoplane Spirit of St. Louis.
Lindbergh, an Army reserve officer, was also awarded the nation's highest military decoration, the Medal of Honor, for his historic exploit.

However 5 years after the feat, Lindbergh son was kidnapped..

After Lindbergh child disappeared on 1 March 1932, posters like this were distributed across New Jersey.

The kidnapping of Charles Lindbergh Jr. occurred on the evening of March 1, 1932.
A man was believed to have climbed up a ladder that was placed to the bedroom window of the child's room and quietly snatched the child by wrapping him in a blanket and exited the same way.
A note demanding a ransom of $50,000 was later delivered to the Lindbergh house. The ransom was delivered, but the infant was not returned.
A corpse identified as the boy's was found on May 12, 1932 in the woods four miles from the Lindbergh home. The cause of death was listed as a very severe blow to the head.
It has never been proven if the infant's head injury was accidental or deliberate, or if it occurred if the child was accidentally dropped from the window by the kidnapper during the abduction.

More than two years later, on September 18, 1934, a $10 gold certificate from the ransom money was discovered;
it had a license plate number written on it. Gold certificates were rapidly being withdrawn from circulation; to see one was unusual and, in this case, anything attracted attention.
The New York license plate belonged to a dark blue Dodge sedan owned by Hauptmann. Hauptmann was arrested the next day and charged with the murder.

The trial attracted wide media attention and was dubbed the “trial of the century.”
Hauptmann was also named "The Most Hated Man In The World."
The trial was held in Flemington, New Jersey, from January 2 to February 13, 1935.

Mug shot of Bruno Hauptmann after his arrest

Bruno Hauptmann, was convicted and sentenced to death by electric chair for the kidnapping and murder of Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr.
However in recent years, the case against Hauptmann has come under serious scrutiny, as it has been alleged that some of the evidence used to convict him was planted or doctored and that false testimony was given at the trial. What did modern forensic scientists determine about evidence from the kidnapping?
The truth - only God knows.....

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