Saturday, January 3, 2009

lucky guy till death...!!

He is a real Lucky guy till death

In Danbury, Connecticut, United States of America, a 79 year old retired factory worker, Donald Peters died, but he unknowingly provided financial security for his wife of 59 years, Charlotte and their family.

Peters bought two Connecticut Lottery tickets at a local 7-Eleven store on Nov. 1 as part of a 20-year tradition he shared with his 78 year old wife. Later that day, Donald suffered a fatal heart attack while working in his yard.
On Friday, his widow cashed in one of the tickets: a $10 million winner which, in her grief over her husband's death, she had put aside and almost discarded before recently checking the numbers.
"I'm numb," Charlotte Peters, said at Connecticut Lottery headquarters in Rocky Hill.

Donald Peters usually bought the tickets for 10 weeks at a stretch, so the winning ticket he bought Nov. 1 for the Dec. 2 drawing was among several that Charlotte Peters put aside as she, their three children and two grandchildren coped with his sudden death.
Charlotte Peters has 60 days to decide whether to take a $6 million pre-tax lump sum payment or stretch the winnings into 21 yearly payments of almost $477,300 each.

She does not yet know what she will do with the money.
But definitely Donald Peters is smiling from above. Happy because his family no longer needs to worry about financial matters. Donald Peters is definitely a lucky guy till his last moment in this world….!!!!


Anonymous said...

This is an article that really got me smiling! It shows how lucky and blessed that person is. What a cure to the grievances

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

thanks for the comment sean.... i am sure u and me would very much strike the jackpot one day.... and buy over google adsense!!!! just kiddin' hehe

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