Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Can you please teach me on the art of Love Making??

Picture this. You are a counsellor, handling teenagers daily problems. Then one fine day, suddenly a teenage girl asks you for sex guidance??

That exactly happened to a female counsellor at a youth service centre in Singapore.

She was asked questions on "how to make love" by a supposedly naive, innocent and of course still virgin 15 year old girl.

Media reported that the 15-year-old girl openly asked the counsellor to teach her about the proper way of having sex or the art of love making, so that she could sleep with her boyfriend.

The China Press daily said the female counsellor who is also the youth service centre director in Singapore said she was shocked upon receiving a letter written by the girl asking for advice on how to seduce her boyfriend.

“In the letter, she said all her friends in school have had the experience but not her, so she wanted to know how to ask her boyfriend for sex,” the counsellor said. The daily also quoted her as saying that most people who came for counselling on sex-related matters were boys and girls aged 13 and 14.

“Most of them already had experience making out and groping,” she said.

Singapore Parents Programme Society chief Wang Jing Yuan said a number of boys who had had sex told him that it was their young girlfriends who initiated and asked for it.

Girls - there is only one thing that you need to adhere here. If you ever get pregnant - do not, i repeat, do not kill or dump or throw away your baby. There are always millions of people out there who are more than willing or 1,000,000% willing to adopt and take care that baby. Very sad cases of babies being murdered, killed, dismemberd, mutilated or thrown away and eaten by animals by their heartless mothers, are widely reported almost daily, worldwide.

Babies are human beings too, just like us. They can feel the pain and sufferings. They need love and affections, just like you and me. They don't want pain, sufferings and misery, just like you and me. Please stop babies killings and babies dumpings. God Bless.

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