Monday, March 22, 2010

The highest ever score in an international soccer match

The match was between Australia versus American Samoa.

The final score was 31-0..

Was it a rugby match?? Hell NOOO...

Infact it was an international soccer match!!!!

More accurately, the match was a World Cup qualification match held in Coffs Harbour, Australia on 11 April 2001, for the 2002 FIFA World Cup held in Korea and Japan.

Australia literally ran riot over their hapless opponent and even toyed with them.

The match was literally over by the 21st minute when the score was 7-0.

By half time, the score sheet was 16-0!!!

After 90 minute, the final score was 31-0 or a staggering 1 goal for every 2.9 minutes of play.

The Guiness Book of Records endorsed that match as the highest ever scoring match in an international match and also the biggest ever victory margin!!!

2 days before the match, Australia recorded a 22–0 win over Tonga in the same World Cup qualification match, breaking the previous record for largest win in an international matches, held by Kuwait who won 20–0 against Bhutan in the 2000 Asian Cup qualification match.

On the other hand, American Samoa suffered two losses prior to the match, a 13–0 loss to Fiji and a 8–0 loss to Samoa.

The 3rd highest scoring match in a World Cup Qualification match was Iran's 19-0 win over Guam in 2002 World Cup qualification.

Australia's player Archie Thompson (pic above) also broke the record for scoring the most number of goals in a single international football match, 13 goals in total!!! Infact his 13 goals alone would make the scoresheet 13-0!!!

Another Aussie player, David Zdrilic scored 8 goals in that match.

So Thompson and Zdrilic alone contributed 21 goals!!!!

In that match, Australia fielded a second fiddle team or reserve team, ommiting many of their 1st choice or utility players. One wonder what will the score sheet be had Australia fielded their strongest team??? Well, i think it could be as many as 60-0 or a shocking 1 goal every 1.5 minutes of play!!!!!!!!!!!!

The unusually extra-large amount of goals, even created a confusion over the correct scoreline.

At the end of the match, the scoreboard at the stadium showed a 32–0 and Thompson was credited with 14 goals.Only after the statistician did a recount, the 31–0 scoreline was announced, and Thompson's total goals count was reduced to 13.

After the match, FIFA went on to release the official statistics after receiving the official report from the referee and match officials, which confirm the 31–0 scoreline and Thompson's 13 goals. Mama Mia!!!

Also after the match, Australia's manager Frank Farina criticised the qualification format and questioning the need for these kind of matches!!!!!

American Samoa closed their 2002 World Cup qualification campaign with a 5–0 loss to Tonga. Expectedly, they finished bottom of the group with a staggering minus 57 (-57) goal difference in 4 matches, and without scoring a single goal in the qualifications.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Australia continued their qualification campaign with a 2–0 win over Fiji and 11–0 win over Samoa. Infact, Australia finished first in the group with a plus 66 (+66) goal difference in 4 matches, without conceding a single goal.

Australia went on to defeat New Zealand, the other group winner, with an aggregate score of 6–1. By winning the Oceanian zone, Australia advanced to the intercontinental play-off round against Uruguay, the fifth best team in the South American zone.

In that match, Australia finally met their match, the high scoring Aussie was defeated with an aggregate score of 1–3 in a 2 leg playoff held in Montevideo Uruguay and in Australia, therefore shattering their dreams to qualify for the 2002 World Cup.

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yea... the 31-0 score was very unusual in an international soccer match... it is more like a Rugby game!!!

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