Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fernando Torres "EL NINO" promises not to celebrate if he scores against Liverpool at stamford Bridge on sunday 6th February 2011

Fernando Torres left Liverpool in January 2011 to join Chelsea for a record British transfer fee of £50 million, making him the fourth most expensive player in history.

Fernando Torres nicknamed El Nino has scored many spectacular goals for Liverpool. Between 2007 and 2011, the spanish super stiker has scored 65 goals in 102 appearances for Liverpool.

Torres also scored 26 goals in 82 appearances for spain, including the winning goal in Spain's 1-0 victory over Germany in the Euro 2008 final.

Torres has promised not to celebrate if he scores against former club Liverpool at Stamford Bridge on Sunday, 6th February 2011, out of respect for their fans, but he also removed himself from his status as Anfield hero by claiming he "never kissed the badge" while at the Reds.

While many Liverpool fans are unhappy with their former idol's £50million move away from Anfield, Torres bluntly stated he was simply a professional footballer with his own ambitions and that the only club in his heart is Atletico, who he left for Liverpool.

"I never kissed the Liverpool badge,'' he said. "Never. No. Kissed the badge? No. I never did. I never did when I was at Atletico Madrid, and I love Atletico, my former club. I see some players doing that when they join a club but the romance in football has gone. It's a different thing now. People are coming and leaving. When you are joining a club you want to do the best for yourself and that club and that's all.

"Some people like to kiss the badge. They can do it. I only want to score goals and do my job and achieve all the targets the team has. When I was born in Madrid I was not a Liverpool fan or a Chelsea fan. I was only an Atletico Madrid fan. I still am. Maybe it's the only badge I will kiss if I have to kiss one.''

Many have speculated as to the sort of reception Torres will receive from his former supporters, but he is sure that on the field at least, he will be given a friendly welcome, citing captain Steven Gerrard as one who has wished him the best with his new club.

He added: "He was one of the first ones who called me and said if I left, if I stayed, he would help me and support me. Maybe because he was in that situation first. He's been a very good friend and team-mate from the first to the last day. He only wanted the best for me and said he'd agree with whatever decision I made.''

He added: "I think 'traitor' makes no sense. I played three very good seasons there, left massive money there, lots of goals, good performances. I'm very happy with everything I did there. Maybe it's too soon to ask for a good reception. I'm not expecting that. But it would be a surprise for me if I get a very bad reception.''

Fernando Torres has claimed Liverpool's broken promises over the sales of their key players were to blame for his move to Chelsea.

Torres moved to Stamford Bridge in a British record £50 million deal on transfer deadline day and is now set to make his debut against Liverpool. The Spanish striker has spoken at length about the reasons for his decision, but has now revealed that the motivating factor for his transfer was the 'message' sent by selling Xabi Alonso to Real Madrid and Javier Mascherano to Barcelona.

''I said that at that moment, I didn't think I would play for another club - because at that moment Liverpool were giving me what they promised ... but not now,'' he said.

''I think one of the important points is in my first two seasons at the club, they played in the semi-finals of Champions League and finished second in the Premier League, very close to Manchester United.

''Then we were very, very close to being one of the top teams for a long time because everyone was together and everyone was moving in the right direction.

''But when you let Alonso and Mascherano leave, that is a clear message. It was important, not so much for me, but for the club.''

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