Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sabah music industries are rich in talents, contents and qualities, yet the world never recognize them

Sabah is located in East Malaysia and forms part of Borneo island.

Sabah nicknamed The Land Below The Wind is rich in biodiversity and is one of premier tourists destinations in the world.

Apart from abundance in ecology and nature, Sabah is also rich in musical talents.

However, these gems have gone unnoticed, largely due to the stagnant music industry in Sabah.

Some of these singers, i tell you, can sing at par with Whitney Houston.

I bet, if anyone of these singers featured in the various videos below, attended American Idol audition sessions, Simon Cowell will certainly shook his head in disbelief and say "Welcome to Hollywood"..!!!

Please note that all these songs are recorded and sung in the local Sabahans dialects that is the Kadazan-Dusun language. So nevermind if you don't understand, it is the melody and vocals that matters.

Firstly, i would like you all listen to this beautiful singer > Joanne Sue Henley Rampas.

She gained national fame when she won the Sabah state level Harvest Festival Beauty Queen contest or Unduk Ngadau in 2007.

A few years after that, she was placed second in the oldest national level singing competition, the Bintang RTM.

Here Joanne is filmed rendering a local Kadazan-Dusun song, in Sabah's traditional costume. Never mind if you don't understand a single word, but listen to her vocals

George Lian - a famous Sabahan singer, wrote and composed this beautiful ballad which means "Tears flowing" in English

Perhaps the most famous Kadazan Dusun singer from Sabah will always be John Gaisah or better known as the The Tom Jones of Sabah. Sadly, he died tragically in a road accident in Kota Kinabalu in 1983. Here he sang the most famous wedding song in Sabah "miniagal oh sinsing" or "perfectly matched rings". This song is still very much popular and in demand till this day and is a must-crooned in every wedding receptions

Another smash hit song made in Sabah, crooned by Jestie Alexius. The song title means "Do you still remember me?" Nice song.. isn't it..???

This song captivated Sabah in the early 20th Century.. excellent melody, song composition and vocals by Clarice John Matha."Adaa" means "Don't"

Ben S. Bukag - another local superstar in Sabah's music industry. This song literally means "We are friends, not yet lovers"

This song by Jimmy Palikat is fast gaining popularity in December 2010. Tanak Kampung means Village son!!

This is Sabah official song for tourism and visit Sabah year. Sadly the singer, Kimin Mudin died in the middle of 2010. This super superb song was composed by Kimin's younger brother, Asmin Mudin or better known as "Umbut"

Last but not least, this senior citizen tried his best, but his best was not good enough!!!

Thanks for reading and listening!!!

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