Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mum uploads video of nude daughter to find a suitor

Fancy this... and could this be a new way to find a husband for your daughter??

In Beijing, China, a mother who desperately wants to find a boyfriend for her daughter has uploaded a video of the naked girl walking out of a shower while fielding questions on prospective boyfriends, media reported.

The 80-second footage begins with the mother speaking to the camera and declaring her intention of finding a boyfriend for her 26-year-old daughter.

The camera follows the mother towards the bathroom, where her daughter walks out in the nude.

When asked about her requirements for a boyfriend, the daughter replies:

“I’m all right, as long as (he) is nice to you (the mother) and nice to me. That’s enough.’’

The online community has speculated that the daughter in the footage is an actress named Ganlulu and the footage is genuine.

Who is Ganlulu..?? A quick check in the internet reveals that Ganlulu is indeed a 26 year old actress from Beijing.

A beautiful and sexy actress to be exact..

How come no men love her when she is that beautiful and temptating??


So guys.. what are you waiting for??


Travelers Log Book said...

Wow..... nice story

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

Travelers > Thanks for dropping by.. have a nice day

azman said...

Wooow...she is so pretty.nice body.i love its.

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