Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bintang filem Adult Movie Jepun, Sora Aoi turut bersedih dengan gempa bumi Jepun

Gempa Bumi 9 skala Ricther yang melanda Jepun diikuti Tsunami pada 13 Mac 2011 lalu, ditangisi hampir kesemua rakyat Jepun dan masyarakat antarabangsa.

Antaranya Sora Aoi, bintang filem Jepun paling terkenal dalam industri filem dewasa atau X-Rated movies atau Adult Movies.

Sora menulis dalam laman blognya puisi ini yang ditranslasi ke bahasa Inggeris dari bahasa Jepun.

It is the rehearsal of the 3rd concert today
Muscats gathered.

Many muscats of the opportunity to meet recently.
Though I just met the other day,
In environment different then
I have gathered.

I am honest since an earthquake is generated
Writing a message in blog, Twitter
There was a hesitation (ためら).

I am depressed in the news repeated day after day and will not do it
I feel imprudent that I laugh and forget a smile,
It is 頑張 ろうとか for 頑張 れとか
For example, it is the appeal of economy in power consumption and the donation and
The words that oneself is going to issue
I think all to be hypocrisy, and I feel irresponsible
I was not able to speak of words.
(I had retweeting of a person uttered, tweeting)

But, as for all today, meet
Of a favorite good muscats
Dance to listen to a musical piece desperately
I sometimes joke and
I teach a dance and
Eat rice in a ring
I do a silly conversation and
If I watch a smile not to change all the time of everybody
A heart calmed down very much.

When it is vitality to live for to laugh
The body ached and felt it.

But I want to send a smile simply.

But this situation bottom,
To the fans who looked forward to
I am sorry
The performance of the concert
It was decided to cancel.
(as for the details this place →

I am very disappointed,
This even as for the end without by an opening
One passage point.
A muscats new again
Is shown; only do its best until then.

Ebisu muscats,
Sola Aoi just,
In Japan of such situation
I do not know what is made,
The feeling to tell to want to let people make a smile
I strongly stand.

With a feeling as hard as possible

I can do my best and let's do its best.

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