Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Singaporean woman lost RM240,000 (USD 80,000) trying to win back RM500 (USD166)!!!

Call this shocking.

A SINGAPOREAN woman lost RM240,000 (USD 80,000) at a casino when she tried to win back the mere RM500 (USD 166) she had previously lost, the Malaysian Chinese daily newspaper, Sin Chew Daily reported on Wednesday 9th March 2011.

The woman, who is a professional with a double master’s degree, said she tried to win the money back by using all her savings as well as borrowing from others.

She is now looking for someone to give her a loan to pay off her debts as she does not dare disclose it to her family.

“I am worried that my husband may divorce me if he finds out,” she said.

However the report did not say which casino where she gambled and lost all her money.

Was it in teh Marina Bay and Sentosa casino in Singapore??

Or was it in Malaysia's famed and only casino in Genting Highland??

Or was it in Las Vegas???

Remember everytime you step into a Casino, it's either you win or lose.

If you have good luck, wise thinking and balanced mind, maybe you can win a fortune.

I wonder what game that the poor and luckless Singaporean woman was playing?? Black Jack?? Roulette or Slot Machines??

Only she knows...

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