Monday, March 7, 2011

Deranged Malaysian man, attacking women in hot pants

A deranged and sexually defunct middle-aged Malaysian man has been attacking women wearing short pants in Johor Baru, south of Malaysia, Malaysian newspaper, reported.

The 48-year-old claimed that such attire were meant to seduce him.

The man would also spit on any woman with short pants, including children, the media reported.

It added that he had been behaving strangely in the past few years.

The man's female neighbour lodged a police report on Saturday, 5th March 2011 after the man tried to attack her with a wooden stick while she was in her kitchen.

The woman, 44, said the man tried to attack her although she was wearing jeans during the 1.30pm incident on that day.

The paper said when policemen approached the man, he claimed that he was gay and that he hated women wearing short pants.

When asked why, he told them they were trying to seduce him.

Oh come on man... this is a clear case of mentally-unstable sex maniac man who is of danger to society at large.

He should be caught for he will attack any women wearing skimpy outfits like below :

Well.. i bet that deranged and crazy guy will run away when confronted by the sight of Jana Purdjakova - the undisputed champion of female Bodybuilder!!

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