Friday, May 27, 2011

Why Giggs fall for Imogen Thomas??

Manchester United and Welsh superstar Ryan Giggs was caught in an off-side position with Welsh beauty Imogen Thomas.

Giggs is a Welsh and so is Imogen.

The Welsh bombshell with huge boobs is a glamour model, beauty queen and television personality. She rose to fame in 2003, after winning Miss Wales.

She achieved further success in 2006, when she appeared, and lasted three months, in the seventh series of reality TV series Big Brother.

It's hard to digest that a veteran, celebrated and highly-respected footballer like Ryan Giggs is caught on the prowl.

To the eyes of many, the Manchester United and Wales superstar, was supposed to be the role model for the Welsh youngsters. A player who is highly revered in the footballing circuit.

While the Welsh beauty, Imogen Thomas is a temptation, Giggs should've been mature enough to keep his lust under check, being the popular figure that he is.

Transgression in football is nothing new, and British football has been tarnished on a regular basis by the promiscuity of star players. Love-rat John Terry is notorious for his adultery and so is Ashley Cole.

Wayne Rooney is the striker of this promiscuous British horde lead by Terry. Peter Crouch is the target man who prefers air stewardesses. Poacher Jermain Defoe is another notable name who is also known for his immoral lifestyle.

While these names associated with hookers hardly raise an eyebrow, the one of Giggs does raise a few.

The question to be asked is would this carefree episode of Giggs diminish his status as an esteemed, legendary player? Footballers should be socially responsible. Their deeds, which can influence the impressionable youngsters, are closely followed by many

And Why did Ryan Giggs fall for Imogen Thomas?? Why?? The answer is simple.

She is simply irresistible!!! Not only Giggs but millions of men out there will freeze with awe at the very first sight of Miss Thomas..

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