Thursday, August 18, 2011

Malaysian police forms task force to probe shocking acid attacks

High on the Wanted List in Malaysia : A sketch of the alleged acid splasher. If you encounter this lunatic, please inform the police immediately. He is considered extremely dangerous to society. He will not hesistate to disfigure you for money. Other acid attacks in Kuala Lumpur might involve different attacker/s, according to Malaysian Police.

Police have released the sketch (above) of the man who they believe was responsible for splashing corrosive liquid on Mohd Raffie Abdul Latiff.

Mohd Raffie Abdul Latiff (picture above), 28, suffered serious facial injuries when a man splashed corrosive liquid on him at the Sogo shopping complex in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur on 8th August 2011.

It is learnt that he had earlier been involved in a minor accident with the man along Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman.

As a result of the horrific attack, Mohd Raffie's face was horribly scarred and following this incident, Raffie wants everyone to be vigilant.

“This could happen to anyone. I hope that people will look out for each other and take care of themselves to avoid a similar incident,” he said.

Deputy Kuala Lumpur Criminal Investigations Department chief, ACP Khairy Arasa said the sketch was made based on interviews and descriptions provided by the victim, his friend and other witnesses.

“We have also taken CCTV footage from Jalan Raja Laut and Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman,” he said, adding that investigations showed that the man could also have been involved in a 12.20pm robbery on July 26, 2011.

ACP Khairy said in that July 26th 2011 case, a 35-year-old office boy was also splashed with corrosive liquid and robbed of RM18,000 near a petrol station in Jalan Sungai Besi.

“The victim had just cashed a company cheque and was on his way to the office,” he said. “When he stopped at a petrol station to use the toilet, the man splashed him before making off with the money,” he added.

He said the man, however, managed to shield himself with a bag he was holding and only suffered burns on his hand.

“In both cases, the man drove away in a black car,” ACP Khairy said, adding that checks revealed that its registration number was fake.

ACP Khairy urged anyone with information to contact Rakan Cop at 03-2115 9999 or the nearest police station.

In another case, businessman Winson Ng (picture above), who was splashed with corrosive liquid during a carjacking attempt on Monday 15th August 2011, did not suspect anything amiss when he got a flat tyre near the Batu 9 Cheras toll plaza.

“I came out of my car and saw a flat tyre. But I didn’t think anything of it at first,” the 25-year-old said when met at the Pantai Medical Centre in Cheras.

Ng, who was seriously injured in the acid attack, said two men had suddenly approached him.

“I believe they had earlier punctured my car tyre while I was having drinks with friends nearby,” he said.

Ng said although he was shocked after being splashed with the liquid, the men could not drive away because he had the car keys with him.

“They only managed to steal my laptop,” he said, adding that his face, left hand and shoulder were injured.

He said he was also having difficulty with his left eye vision.

In the latest incident in Kota Kinabalu on Wednesday 17th August 2011, a man used a water gun to spray acid on a 22-year-old woman, Ling Siew Teen (picture above).

The male assailant called out the victim's name before squirting her face with the corrosive liquid.

Siew Teen sustained serious irritation to the eyes, chin, lips and cheeks after the attack in Kolombong and warded at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

She said everything happened so fast in the 2pm attack.

"I had just stepped out of my car when someone called out my name. I turned around and a car came towards me.

"Then, a man pointed a toy gun at me and squirted some liquid on my face. I felt a stinging pain in my eyes, irritation on my chin, lips and cheeks. I could not see and called out for help."

Her father, Richard Ling, said the attack happened just after his daughter was about to return to work after having lunch at home.

"A passer-by sent her to the hospital. The liquid appeared to have been diluted and did not seem to have inflicted serious injuries but doctors are still monitoring her condition."

Meanwhile the Malaysian police have formed a task force, comprising officers from Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, to track down the culprits behind recent acid attack cases that shocked the nation.

Malaysian CID Chief, Datuk Seri Mohd Bakri Zinin

Malaysian Criminal Investigations Department, CID director Datuk Seri Mohd Bakri Mohd Zinin said on Thursday, 18th August 2011 that the police were going all-out to nail the culprits and hoped to solve the cases soon.

A composite image of one of the suspects was released to the media by police.

Mohd Bakri dismissed speculation that the attacks were related to the serial acid splasher who had injured several people since March 2011 this year.

"We have strong reasons to believe that these crimes are totally unrelated," he said in a statement.

He urged members of the public who had information on the suspects to come forward and assist the police.

One of the cases involved a despatch rider who was splashed with liquid, believed to be acid, at a petrol station in Sungai Besi before being robbed of RM18,000 on July 26, 2011.

A week before that, two siblings suffered serious injuries after a 31-year-old labourer splashed formic acid on them in front of his house in Felda Jengka 9 in Temerloh, Pahang.

The victims, Syafiq Haikal Mat Safa Zaidi, 13, and Syaffiy Aiman Mat Safa Zaidi, 10, were cycling to a friend's house about 8pm when the attack took place.

The labourer, Mohamad Hafiz Ismail, was caught and charged in court.

He was sentenced to eight years' jail and given two strokes of the rotan.

The other incident occurred beside a public toilet near Wisma Bumi Raya in Jalan Raja Laut on August 8, 2011 where a 27-year-old man was splashed with liquid believed to be acid by one of three youths who stole his money.

Four days before that, in Kota Baru, a 37-year-old car salesman suffered 17 per cent burns on his body when he was splashed with acid in Taman Uda Murni.

Earlier this year, a motorcyclist here went on a spree, splashing schoolchildren and pedestrians with a corrosive liquid, causing injuries to the victims.

That culprit is still at large and police said those attacks were carried out randomly.

Malaysians.. be vigilant and careful.. stay safe. Do we need vigilantes out there?

Vigilantes are ordinary citizens who got tired and pissed off with the high crime rates, and decided that enough is enough.

They said "Let's take the law into our own hands. Kill all those murderers, drug dealers, acid spalshers, robbers, muggers, rapists, kidnappers and other bad guys. But leave the good guys alone."!!!

Have you seen the movie - Death Wish starring Charles Bronson in 1974??

Well it is the perfect vigilante movie.

Death Wish movie was a great success. Death Wish Part 2, 3, 4 and 5 followed for a period of 20 years, the last sequel was Death Wish 5, released in 1994.

In those 5 movies, Charles Bronson played the role of Paul Kersey, not a cop, but an architect with deadly shooting skill - a sharp shooter. Kersey got fed up with the inefficiency of the New York Police to clean up the streets infested with hardcore criminals. So, he took the law into his own hands and single handedly killed as many as 300 bad guys in 5 Death Wish movies.!!!!!

Screw those acid attackers.!!

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