Thursday, August 25, 2011

Views inside Muammar Gaddafi's fortified palace, Luxury.. Luxury.. Luxury

This is what Libya's leader, Muammar Gaddafi's palace looks like.

Previously this palace is off-limits to the public, nobody is allowed to enter.

However during the civil war in Libya, where Gaddafi's forces was defeated by the rebels, now we can see for ourselves what it is like in Gaddafi's housing compound.

These pictures are only limited version of what is actually in store in Gaddafi's well-fortified compund.

More pictures of the luxurious lifestyles of the self-styled Libyan ruler, will be revealed to the world soon.

We know that Libya is oil-rich, so we can assume that Gaddafi is more than a Billionaire.

Some estimated Gaddafi and his family to have asstes worth more than USD 100 Billion.

The U.S. alone has seized USD $30 billion (£18.5 billion) of Gaddafi's family investments, while Canada has frozen USD $2.4 billion (£1.5 billion), Austria has frozen USD $1.7 billion (£1 billion) and the UK froze USD $1 billion (600 million pound sterling).

Mathematically that works out to be USD 35.1 Billion in total assets of the Gaddafi family being frozen worldwide.

Among luxurious items that can be found inside Gaddafi's compound are :

- A Michael Jackson-style Neverland park, complete with fairground & zoo. Has old-fashioned carousel, with children’s seats on chains & roundabout installed with a cartoon-style teapot and spinning cups. Zoo's animals received from other African leaders.
- expensive murals & artwork
- rooms filled with replica 14th century furniture
- most bedrooms had huge attached bathrooms with bidets & sunken baths
- bedroom of adopted daughter Hana turned into shrine. She was only a few months old when she was killed in the 1986 US air raid.
- set of missiles "hung" from ceiling as though just fired from US fighter planes.
- home cinema
- table football
- 2,000-mile tunnel network underneath complex, which some believe lead all the way to Sirte, Gaddafi’s birthplace stronghold 200 miles to the east, and the location of a stockpile of 200 Scud missiles, many of them armed with chemical warheads.

Well, this is amazing, how did they built the 2,000 miles underground tunnel??

Utilising this tunnel, i think Gaddafi is now safe in someplace, far from the marauding Libyan rebels.

Long Live Libya..

Gaddafi bulit this Michael Jackson style park complete with playground and zoo.

Gaddafi's personal collections of expensive paintings and murals

That is a weird couch, isn't it??

Is this the place where Gaddafi swam while the bombs are exploding outside his compound??

Rebels rummaging through what is left in Gaddafi's fortified palace

Long Live Libya...!!!

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