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child prodigies, do not push them hard!!

He could read and write at the age of 2.

And now at the age of 8, Marko Casalan, of Skopje, Macedonia is the world’s youngest certified computer system administrator.

He passed Microsoft certification exams and awarded the Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) certification, (most of us will not pass that exam – it’s tough man..!!).

The certification qualifies him to do things such as maintaining complex corporate computer networks even though he’s still at elementary school.

His achievement made him a local celebrity of course and he has even met Nikola Gruevski, the Macedonian Prime Minister.

No prizes for guessing where his IT genes came from: his parents are IT experts and run a computer school.

Ok Marco, I wish you the very best….Do not push yourself too hard…

Don’t let pressure and other things get the better of you and turns you from a sweet-boy-next-door persona to a persona non grata…!!!

Sadly, successful stories of child prodigies do not always end the way it should have been.

Take the recent explosive case of Sufiah Yusof in the UK.

Her life was all maths, maths, maths and maths until she got fed up and chose the oldest profession in the world instead..!!!

Sufiah Yusof first made headlines in 1997 when she was admitted into the prestigious St. Hilda's College, Oxford University to study mathematics at the age of 13.

However in 2001, she ran away from her student flat in Oxford, after taking her final examination paper for the academic year.

She was found working as a waitress in a Bournemouth Internet cafe 2 weeks later, but refused to return home, alleging that her parents made life difficult for her at home.

She stayed with a foster family instead.

2 years later, she returned to Oxford to complete her undergraduate master, but failed to finish the year.

She later married, Jonathan Marshall, a trainee lawyer from Oxford.
Her marriage ended after 13 months.

In March 2008, a reporter working undercover for the News of the World , UK’s biggest selling newspaper, found her advertising as a high class prostitute under the name Shilpa Lee, quoting a rate of £130 an hour.

The report hit the headlines in the UK, as well as in Malaysia..

Sufiah in an interview last year said she never regret it.

Sufiah was working as an administrative assistant earning £ 16,000 a year in Manchester when an escort agency boss approached her in a bar, in December 2007.

She found the offer appealing because she was running up debts of £3,500 in rent arrears and credit cards.

Her first client she described as a “lovely man” in his late 20s, tall and handsome.

"I felt quite nervous but excited too. I slipped on some black lace underwear and stockings and suspenders and a dress, and just thought, ‘Wow, this is thrilling.'

"He was waiting for me at the bar of the Hilton. I expected him to be older but when I saw him he was lovely.

"He was only in his late 20s, tall and handsome. I thought, ‘I can't believe I'm getting paid to have sex with this man.'

"I'd have been thrilled if he chatted me up in a bar. We had a drink then went upstairs to his room and had fantastic sex. I left that night feeling totally elated having had an amazing time with £250 in my purse." said Sufiah.

After that, she has built a base of regular clients and saw between 5 and 10 men each week.
Sufiah claimed she could earn more than £1,000 a night by having dinner and staying over with a client.

"My clients treat me like a princess. One guy I see in London took me shopping on Bond Street.

He bought me a beautiful black Gucci dress for £700 and then took me to Selfridges and told me to pick any handbag I liked."

She chose a £600 Gucci clutch. "I'm a Primark and Topshop girl normally! I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

"Later that night we went for dinner. I wore my Gucci dress and sexy lingerie and took great pleasure in peeling it off for him later on back at his hotel room.

Her vast knowledge and expertise in Mathematics came in handy too..

“I don’t believe my education had been wasted – in fact, I usually take problem sheets with me to solve before appointments,” she said.

1 + 1 = 2 nice boobs..!!

Sufiah revealed how she drives men wild... by reciting Mathematical EQUATIONS to her clients as they have sex.

“I have men who are thrilled about my passion for mathematics. In fact one made me recite equations while he pleasured me, then I gave him oral sex while he chatted about algebra. It drove him wild."

"My clients love the fact that I can stimulate their minds and their bodies," she boasts.

If Sufiah talked glowingly about her “career,” she was not so effusive when talking about her childhood and her father.

She recalled studying maths all the time. She did not have any friends or allowed to join any activities.

“As I grew older, I began to clash with my father. He was violent at times. He pushed me so far academically, I became more confident for any girl my age. I grew up too quickly.

“Oxford was an amazing place but I was too young. By the time I was 15, I wanted to be in control of my life. I fought back,” she said.

Sufiah's father Farooq pleaded guilty in April 2008 over charges of "indecently assaulting two 15-year-old girls while working as a personal tutor.

I don’t have any regrets. I've never felt more confident about my body and I've had some of the best sex of my life."!!!


Ruth Lawrence

Graduated aged 13 from St Hugh's College, Oxford, with a first-class degree in 1985. Now lives with husband and two children - whom she is determined to allow to "develop in a natural way" - in Jerusalem and teaches maths full-time at the Hebrew University.

John Nunn

Went to Oriel College, Oxford, in 1970 aged 15. Got a first in maths at 18, a doctorate at 20 and became a chess Grandmaster three years later. Lives with his wife in Surrey and makes a living writing books about chess.

Adam Dent

Started reading chemistry at St Hugh's College, Oxford in 1994 aged 14. Left the following year, having been accused and then acquitted of sexual assault on an older pupil. Did an Open University degree and got a job stacking shelves at Iceland. Later went back to Oxford (this time to St Catherine's) and graduated with a first in chemistry in 2002. Is now an IT consultant.

James Harries
Presented himself on television - most memorably on Terry Wogan's chat show in 1990 when he was 12 - as an entrepreneur and child prodigy with an encyclopaedic knowledge of antiques. Had a sex change operation in 2001. Now called Lauren, she is a counsellor and also teaches drama in Cardiff.

Terence Judd

Made his first appearance as a classical pianist with the London Philharmonic Orchestra aged 12. Won the British Liszt Piano Competition at 18. He committed suicide in 1979 at the age of 22 by throwing himself off Beachy Head.


Annoymous said...

Some really go out of the circle and to the trash bin. While others really prosper.

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

yeaahhh once again you are proven right little miss daisy

Chironex said...

Some interesting case studies there. That means to make it big brains are not enough. Some of the richest guys in the world didnt even have university degrees. In fact they could have got it, but opted to drop out to pursue their dream instead. Hence, can't force too much education down our kids' brains (or even our own). But as to what "too much" actually means, would differ from one person to another.

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

yes you are right about that sir....

Unknown said...

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

i will check that out evision... thanks for dropping by...

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