Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 will be a good year, say feng shui masters and astrologer

A Very Happy New Year to all readers of my blog "Easy Comes Easy Goes", from all over the world.

May 2011 brings much happiness, prosperity and better outcomes in all aspects to each and every one of you.

I started blogging as a naive blogger in December 2008 and exactly on the 1st January 2011, on New Year's Day, my blog registered 200,000 page views.

Once again thank you very much.

Meanwhile The Star online newsportal reported that 2011 will be a good year, acording to feng shui masters and astrologers.

The year is expected to be turbulent with both ups and downs, but the first six months will be significantly better than the second half of 2011.

Good Feng Shui Geomantic Research master Kenny Hoo said this year would be very good for the metal-related, insurance, banking and stockbroking industries.

“The car industry will boom. Wood-related industries will flourish as well, such as the timber, media, furniture, palm oil and rubber industries,” Hoo said.

However, he said there would be many hidden opportunities this year that people might not be able to see.

“I have named this the Consolidation Year as people will need to gather wisdom, knowledge and strength in order to filter opportunities from risks.”

“The scholastic star is in the south-west. In your homes, you can activate it by ensuring the area is kept neat, tidy and clean.

“Redecorating it as a study room is good as well,” he said when asked how to gain wisdom from a feng shui perspective.

He cautioned that renovations should be avoided for the east, west and south sectors.

Vedic astrologer Master Yuvaraj Sowma from Chennai, India, said the new year would be a “golden year” for business people.

“This applies especially for those involved in the textile, gold and cosmetics trades,” he said, adding that more marriages would happen in 2011.

He added that those born under the moon sign of Vrishabah (Taurus), Kataka (Cancer), Kanya (Virgo), Vrischika (Scorpio) and Kumbha (Aquarius) would enjoy better times.

Master Yuvaraj said if the Malaysian Government decides to call for an early general election it would be favourable to the ruling party.

“Opposition parties will be embroiled in controversies and infighting in 2011,” he said.

Malaysian Institute of Geomancy Sciences (MINGS) founder Prof David Koh said South-east Asia is likely to do well in the economic sector.

“However, natural disasters and epidemics are likely this year.

“Dry weather in June to July might cause forest fires in the east, whereas possible floods in the northern region might happen again in August to September,” he said in his book 2011 Year of the Rabbit: MINGS Outlook.

Prof Koh added that there was a strong indication of a major catastrophe related to “a lot of water” in December in Thailand and Indonesia.

Well lets hope that there will be no repeat of the Indian Ocean Tsunami on Dec 2004 which killed 200,000 people in Indonesia, Thailand and Sri Lanka among others.

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