Wednesday, January 12, 2011

‘Dead’ woman comes alive during funeral before died again!!!

An example of the dead, who suddenly become alive again!!!

In India, a woman who was pronounced dead by doctors came alive during her funeral procession – two days later, before died again.

She reportedly stirred and stood up while family members were burning firecrackers in accordance with local custom in the small Inidan village of Vepachettu in Allipuram, about 50km from Hyderabad, India, Tamil Nesan reported.

On Wednesday, Pinnitla Varalakshmi, 35, a mother of two, had been admitted to the King George’s Hospital after she collapsed at her house while attending to her daily chores.

Doctors pronounced her dead on arrival and issued a death certificate.

While her “body” was being carried in a funeral procession on Friday, mourners saw her waking up, sending shivers down their spine.

A relative, Nageswara Rao, said ambulance staff noticed her pulse and took her to a private hospital.

She was later pronounced dead again.

Raghava Prasad, a cardiologist with Apollo Hospitals in India, said Varalakshmi’s was rare case though there were reports of such similar cases from Australia. “No doctor generally declares a person dead without confirming the checklist like movement of pupils, heart beat and pulse. But a heart could revive due to external shock, like the ambulance hitting a ditch,” he observed.

Although a fit case for probe, the police said there was no complaint by the family of the lady. Sources in the state health ministry said the authorities of the King George Hospital were asked to file an explanation on the incident, as the kin of Varalakshmi alleged she was wrongly diagnosed dead by the hospital, while there was enough time to save her.

The hospital doctors refused to comment.

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