Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver's (Naked Chef) restaurant targeted in British riots in Birmingham, 9th August 2011

Celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver is a phenomenon in the world of food. He is one of the world's best-loved television personalities and one of Britain's most famous exports.

Jamie has had huge success with television series The Naked Chef (BBC), Jamie's Kitchen, Jamie's School Dinners, Jamie's Great Italian Escape, Return to School Dinners, Jamie's Chef, Jamie at Home , Jamie's Ministry of Food , Jamie Does.... and more recently Jamie's 30 Minute Meals and the Emmy Award-winning Jamie's Food Revolution (ABC), as well as the one-off specials Jamie's Fowl Dinners, Eat To Save Your Life, Jamie Saves Our Bacon and Jamie's Fish Suppers (all for Channel 4).

However the riot in Britain that started on Saturday, 6th August 2011 also targeted Jamie Oliver's world famous Italian restaurant in Birmingham. However no injuries on patrons and staff were reported.

The celeb chef tweeted early on Tuesday, August 9th, 2011:

"sadly my restaurant in Birmingham got smashed up windows all gone whole area closed, cant open, staff and customers all safe!!thankfully"

His restaurant in Birmingham's Bullring Shopping Centre had been wrecked by the rioters.

"Windows all gone, whole area closed, can't open, staff and customers all safe thankfully."

But he was still able to open for lunch, and he tweeted just a couple of hours ago:

"what a day .....respect to all the community support on the clean up people have been amazing!!"

Other restaurants in England came under attack, too.

According to the Daily Mail, The Ledbury in Notting Hill, a favorite dining spot of Kate Moss and Lily Allen, was ransacked by dozens of masked youths who stole jewelry and wallets from diners.

Damn those rioters, just kill them all, they are scums of the universe and nuisance to all....!!!

Oliver thanked his followers as messages of support came in. He responded: "So sad to see whats happening in UK with these Riots! all gone mad! time to get our country back now we need 2 come down hard on these idiots.

"My love and thoughts go out to everyone effected by these riots, and all the people i work with who are in the thick of it safe ..."

Other celebrities also blasted the rioters on Twitter.

Manchester United's and England striker, Wayne Rooney tweeted "These riots are nuts why would people do this to there own country. Own city. This is embarrassing for our country. Stop please."

Rooney's team-mate and England defender Rio Ferdinand tweetd "I can't sleep, I've got the news stations on watching the coverage of the riots. This is madness."

God Bless the Queen and England and the World.

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