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Video of Usain Bolt's 100 metres disqualification at the 2011 IAAF World Athletics Championship

We know, only the Cheetahs in the African wilderness can beat the world's fastest man, Usain Bolt.

However, it was heartache for the 100 metres World and Olympic Champion and World Record Holder, Usain Bolt who was disqualified in the 100 metres men's final at the 2011 IAAF World Athletics Championship in Daegu, South Korea.

Bolt, the mercurial Jamaican who holds the current 100 metres world record at 9.58 secs, was disqualified after he false-started, that is off the starting block too soon before the starter gun exploded.

The incident stunned Daegu and stunned the world.

Why did this happened to the world's best athlete?

IAAF is stupid too for introducing the stupid new rules of disqualifying a runner for one false start. It should be disqualification after 2 false-starts as being practised in the past where 1 false start leads to caution and 2nd false start by the same sprinter or runner, leads to automatic disqualification and the runner has to leave the track.

Heart-ache for Usain Bolt for he trained hard for 2 years for this occasion, to defend his world title and possibly to shatter his own 100 metres world record but his dreams was over in split seconds.

After being asked to leave the track, Usain Bolt disappointment was clear, he was heard shouting loudly near the stadium's entrance.

He also argued with a Korean official who persisted in asking Bolt to leave the track immediately.

However, Bolt can still look forward to his other pet event, the 200 metres where he is also the reigning Olympic and World Champion and the World Record holder, 19.19 seconds set in the 2009 IAAF World Championship in Berlin.

In the subsequent 100 metres final race, Usain Bolt's Jamaican compatriot, Yohan Blake won the 100 metres race in 9.92 secs ahead of USA's Walter Dix and 2003 World 100 metres Champion, Kim Collins.

Well, Kim Collins led the race up to 70 metres before being overtaken by the super acceleration of Yohan Blake. Collins was pipped into 3rd place at the finishing line by Walter Dix.

The result is among the slowest 100 metres final ever seen in the history of the Olympics and the World championships. Only 1 runner, that is the winner Yohan Blake dipped below 10 seconds.

The full result of the poor 2011 IAAF world championship 100 metres men final in Daegu, South Korea

Gold - Yohan Blake Jamaica 09.92
Silver - Walter Dix United States 10.08
Bronze - Kim Collins Saint Kitts and Nevis 10.09 (2003 100m World Champ)
4th Christophe Lemaitre France 10.19 (European Champion)
5th Daniel Bailey Antigua and Barbuda 10.26
6th Jimmy Vicaut France 10.27
7th Nesta Carter Jamaica 10.95 (what the hell is this?? very slow)
8th Usain Bolt Jamaica (DISQUALIFIED)

Notable absentee - Tyson Gay - USA (personal best 9.69 secs, legal wind and 9.68 secs beyond legal wind limit, due to hip injury) and Asafa Powell (Jamaica) personal best 9.72 secs due to groin injury.

The best 100 metres race was the 1991 World Championship final in Tokyo, Japan where 6 runners dipped below 10 seconds and the first 2 finishers broke the world record.

The historic race was won by USA legendary sprinter and long jumper, Carl Lewis in then world record time of 9.86 seconds, erasing the old record of 9.90 secs set by USA's Leroy Burell.

Burell himself was second in 9.88 seconds, also erasing his old world record.

The 1991 IAAF World Championship, 100 metres full results, Amazing isn't it :

Gold - Carl Lewis (USA) 9.86 World Record
Silver - Leroy Burrell (USA) 9.88 World Record (previous world record holder)
Bronze - Dennis Mitchell (USA) 9.91 Personal Best
4th. Linford Christie (GBR) 9.92 European Record
5th. Frankie Fredericks (NAMIBIA) 9.95 African Record
6th. Raymond Stewart (JAMAICA) 9.96 Personal Best
7th. Robson Caetano da Silva (BRAZIL) 10.12
8th. Bruny Surin (CANADA) 10.14

Carl Lewis also set 2 world records in the 4 x 100 metres final and the long jump final. However despite registering a world record jump of 8.91 metres erasing Bob Beamon's 23 year old record of 8.90 metres in the Long Jump, Lewis still only managed second place for a silver medal silverware.

The champion was USA's Mike Powell who jumped 8.95 metres, a distance never been broken till this day, 29th August 2011, after almost 20 years.

That was the leap into the new century.

Another super-fast and super-charged 100 metres race was the 2009 IAAF World Championship 100 metres final in Berlin on 16th August 2009 where USA's Tyson Gay crossed the finishing line in a turbo-jet charged 9.71 seconds but still lost.

Infact the top 5 finishers in that race, ran below 10 seconds. Even the sprinters who finished in 6th and 7th place, ran an identical 10.00 seconds flat.

The race was won by none other than Usain Bolt who shook the world and temporarily stopped the earth on its axis, with a new world record of 9.58 seconds.

Prior to that historic race, the 9.58 seconds time was deemed impossible to be run by any human beings over the 100 metres distance.

Only the Cheetahs in the African wilderness can run as fast as that. I repeat, only the Cheetahs, the fastest mammals on this planet.

The full result of the super-fast 2009 World Championship race is as follows (infact all 8 starters had run the 100 metres under 10 seconds before) :

Silver Tyson Gay USA 9.71 (USA NATIONAL RECORD)
Bronze Asafa Powell JAMAICA 9.84 (SEASON BEST)
4th Daniel Bailey ANTIGUA 9.93
5th Richard Thompson TRINIDAD 9.93 (SEASON BEST)
6th Dwain Chambers GREAT BRITAIN 10.00 (SEASON BEST)
7th Marc Burns TRINIDAD 10.00 (SEASON BEST)
8th Darvis Patton USA 10.34

Long Live Usain Bolt.

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