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Murder cases that shocked Malaysians on 4th August 2011

Two different murder cases shocked Malaysians on Thursday 4th August 2011.

The murders happened while Moslems in Malaysia are fasting in the 4th day of the holy month of Ramadhan.

One case was solved swiftly while the other one is still being investigated, but 8 suspects were eventually caught on Sunday 7th August 2011.

The total number of victims are three, 2 women and a child.

One was strangled while another was cut into pieces.

Both happened inside apartment units.

The First case :

The first murder case involved a high ranking govermnent officer.

The murder of Perak Veterinary Services Department deputy director Dr Rohani Kasim, 38, happened on the wee hours of Thurday 4th August 2011.

Dr Rohani, who was transferred to Ipoh just a month ago, was found murdered at her rented unit at Permai Lake View apartment at about 3.30am.

Initial investigations also showed that she had been strangled and that the suspects had broken into the apartment.

However swift action by the Malaysian police solved that murder in less than 24 hours laer, with the arrests of four suspects, including an army personnel and a postman.

Perak deputy police chief Senior Assistant Commisioner Datuk Zakaria Yusof said the last suspect, 22, was picked up at 10.25pm in Slim River on Thursday, 4th August 2011.

"The first two suspects, aged 26, were picked up in Tambun area at 4am while the third, a 20-year-old male, was arrested in Tanjung Malim at 4.30pm," he told a press conference here Friday 5th August 2011.

SAC Zakaria said police recovered a mobile phone and some jewellery during the arrests.

Initial investigations found that the four were housemates, staying in a rented home in Tambun.

"The army personnel, who is not based here, had gone AWOL from his camp prior to the incident," he said, adding that one of the suspects was wanted for a rape case in Slim River.

SAC Zakaria said the case would be investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder.

He said one of the suspects arrested in Tambun would be remanded for four days starting Friday (Aug 5) while the rest would be remanded for seven days.

Update : Tuesday 16th August 2011

2 Men from Hell.

Security guard Syahmie Hassan (picture above - right) and ex-soldier Nuurhisyam Shukor being led into a Magistrate's court in Ipoh on Tuesday 16th August 2011 in connection with the August 3rd, 2011 murder of the state Veterinary Dept deputy director, Dr Rohani Kasim.

Syahmie, who is unrepresented, is charged with murdering Dr Rohani at her apartment in Block F, Unit 9 of Permai Lake View Apartment in Ulu Kinta between 6pm and 7.30pm on August 3rd, 2011.

The charge carries the mandatory death sentence upon conviction.

In the same court, former soldier gone AWOL (Absent without official Leave) Nuur Hisyam Shukor was charged with disposing off jewellery worth RM6,000 belonging to Dr Rohani.

He is accused of disposing the items at Kam Seng watch shop in Tanjung Malim on August 4th, 2011.

The court fixed October 17th, 2011 for re-mention of both cases.

I hope these 2 piece of shits will be sent to Hell right away, no need to show them pity because they gave no pity to the late Dr Rohani. Why waste precious time, money and energy to give these 2 bastards a chance to defend themselves in court?? Idiot...

The Second case :

The second murder case that shocked Malaysians was also reported on Thursday 4th August 2011.

The remains of a woman chopped into 15 pieces as well as the body of a child, believed to be that of a five-year-old boy, were among the remains and body parts found on the fifth floor unit of the Astaria apartment in Taman Kosas, Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday 3rd August 2011.

Initial investigations revealed that the body, which was inside one of several plastic bags, was found hanging from the ceiling of the bathroom.

The remains had been sent to the pathologist for reconstruction and identification.

“The cause of death has yet to be ascertained. It is pending lab analysis which will take some time.

“We appeal to anyone who may have lodged missing persons report of a woman and her son or a woman and a boy to contact us immediately,” Malaysian Police said.

It is learnt that police had called in the canine unit to the scene where several more parts were found.

Police first found a leg and other body parts inside a toilet bowl on Wednesday 3rd August 2011 before finding more parts inside several plastic bags hanging from the ceiling after noticing bloodstains and trails on the ceiling.

Initial investigations revealed the unit had been abandoned for more than 10 years.

Kamaruddin Othman, 31, a neighbour who works as a sound technician, said he had been living next to the unit for the past three years.

“It has been abandoned since I moved in but I noticed people going in and out on several occasions.

“About three or four months ago, I saw a couple leaving the unit in the evening and did not think much of it,” he said.

Police managed to arrest 8 foreigners, Bangladeshi to be exact in connection with the gruesome murder. The motive of this double killings is believed to be jealousy.

Screw those Bangladeshi.!!!!

God bless Malaysia.

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