Thursday, August 25, 2011

Malaysian father jailed 80 years and receives 40 strokes of the cane for raping own daughter

A Father is supposed to protect his children, not rape them.

This is a shocking story of a Malaysian food stall operator who raped his own daughter 4 times.

And he did that in front of his own wife, in front of the victim's mother who tried to stop her husband but simply could not.

For that heinous crime, the sex-crazed father was jailed 80 years and ordered to be whipped 40 times by the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court, on February 2011.

The father of nine children did not show any reaction when the Sessions Court delivered the sentence, instead he pleaded for leniency..!!!

The 47-year-old man admitted to committing four counts of incest when he was produced before the judge.

According to the facts of the case, the victim, who is the fifth child of nine siblings, had stopped schooling after completing her Form Two and was staying home with her family.

He first raped his daughter in early November 2010.

The accused entered a room after the victim and her mother had completed cleaning the bedroom and closed the door. He then raped the 15-year-old girl in front of her mother, at about 4pm.

The girl's mother tried to stop him but was assaulted by the accused.

In mid-November 2010, the accused ordered the victim to touch his private parts while she and her mother were watching television in a room at 10pm. He raped her again in front of her mother, who ended up crying as she could not do anything to stop him.

At the end of December 2010, the accused forced the victim and her mother to fondle him and kiss his body before raping her again.

On Jan 23 2011, the accused raped the girl again when her mother was not at home.

Three days later on 26th January 2011, the accused told the victim's mother that he wanted to rape the girl and asked her to bring the girl to him at 9pm that night.

The mother then decided that enough is enough.

She summoned enough courage to ask the help of a neighbour to lodge a police report over the matter.

The police raided the house in Cheras and arrested the man the next day, 27th January 2011. The rape victim immediately lodged a police report over the incest.

Pleading for leniency in court on 2nd February 2011, the accused applied to the judge to consider that he had co-operated with the police and court over his offences.

"I am suffering from high blood pressure, gout and heart problems. I have to take medicine for blood thinning," he said in his mitigation.

Deputy public prosecutor Loon Jia Yin, however, applied for a deterrent sentence, saying the accused's actions were sinful and considered seriously by society.

She said the accused's actions had traumatised the victim and her family members as he had failed to play his role as a father and guide them in their life.

In sentencing, Judge Mohamad said he had to impose a deterrent sentence in view of public interest.

"You are supposed to give protection to your daughter as a father and not ruin her. You have spoilt her future. This will have an impact in her life forever," he said.

The judge ordered the accused to serve 20 years in jail and whipped 10 times for each of the four counts of incest.

The jail sentence is to run consecutively from the date of arrest on Jan 27, 2011.

This means the sex crazed father will spend 80 years in jail and receive 40 strokes of the cane.

He will only be out of jail when he is 127 years old, 80 years from now in the year 2091...!!!!


Anonymous said...

may i know where did you get the source for this information?

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

Hello there anonymous.. sorry for the late reply.. been busy lately.. i got this info from the Malaysian newspaper, The Star, online edition, thanks...

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