Thursday, August 11, 2011

Update on the London riot, Thursday 11th August 2011

This is the update of the London riot, as told by Malaysian Foreign Minister, Datuk Anifah Aman in a press conference in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia on 6 pm Thursday 11th August 2011 or 11 am on 11th August 2011, London time.

1. The 20 year old Malaysian student, Mohd Asyraf Haziq Roslli (circled red in the picture above) has successfully underwent a 3 hours 45 minutes surgery from 1 pm to 4.45 pm on 10th August 2011 at the Royal London Hospital. The surgery was to insert a metal plate in his jaw. His condition is stable. Asyraf was injured in his jaw after being attacked by a group of rioters at Barking, London on Tuesday 9th August 2011. His mother, Puan Maznah Abu Mansor has been notified on his condition.

2. The chief executive of the Kaplan University, the insitution where Mohd Asyraf is studying, has met the Deputy High Commissioner and a Mara official at Royal London Hospital on 10th August 2011 and made an offer to bear the cost of flying Asyraf's parents to London. MARA and UMNO also indicated its intention to arrange to bring Asyraf's parents from Malaysia to London.

3. No new report on other Malaysians being attacked in Britain as of Wednesday 10th August 2011.

4. British Prime Minister David Cameron spoke to the press and expressed his anger over the attack on Asyraf, his comments followed repeated showings of the video of Asyraf being attacked and robbed on TV channels and Youtube. As a result, the Royal Hospital in London was swamped with journalists from local and international media to obtain updates on Asyraf's condition.

5. At the end of Wednesday 10th August 2011, the 5th day since the breakout of riots on Saturday 6th August 2011, London and other major cities in the UK did not register any breakout or new riots.

6. 16,000 police officers have been kept busy patrolling the cities and tracking down rioters based on various evidences such as pictures and videos.

7. In general the present situation in the United Kingdom can be termed as generally calm even though the fear of violence has not fully subsided. Many shops chose to close early for fear of possible new outbreaks of violence.

8. To address potential riots, the British government has endorsed the use of plastic bullets and water cannonc to disperse the rioters. This is the first time water cannons are being used in England as it was previously endorsed only for use in Northern Ireland.

9. Reece Donovan, from Romford, a town just east of London, who is in his early 20s, has been charged with robbing Asyraf, a London Metropolitan Police spokesman said.

Donovan was arrested on Thursday 11th August 2011 and appeared in court later on Saturday 13th August 2011, the spokesman added.

God Bless the Queen and the World.

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