Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Game of death, 0.5 seconds separated a teenager from being crushed to death by a high speed train in Adelaide, Australia

Kids and people, do not try this at home. This is sure death. Only luck saved this stupid Australian teenager from certain death, sometimes in April 2011.

He played a game of death with an oncoming high speed train at Mawson Lakes train station in Adelaide, Australia and was lucky to be alive. Only 0.5 seconds separate him from life and death.

Disturbing security camera footage, recorded at the station and from inside the train, shows the stupid teenager running across tracks an diving across the path of an express train.

This stupid guy barely managed to scramble on to the platform.

Half a second late and the more than 10 tonne train would have smashed and crushed him to pieces beyond recognition as a second camera attached to one of the carriages reveals.

The dramatic video was released by Transport South Australia in the hope that it will deter others from taking chances with trains.

The crazy teenager, is only 17 and he would have meet God at that tender age if he was unlucky.

If he tried this again, he would certainly be playing this game in other world.

The teenager was lucky to escape with only a broken ankle.

For his stupid and sickening daredevil act, he was convicted in the Elizabeth Youth Court on charges of stopping a train in motion without a reasonable excuse.

He was ordered by the magistrate to undertake a community service order, write a letter of apology to the driver and pay the prosecution costs.

The incident, stopped peak-hour services for more than two hours while it was being investigated.

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