Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Malaysian Home Ministry not satisfied with The Star's explanation on controversial picture of Erykah Badu

The controversial Erykah Badu picture which was published by The Malaysian newspaper, The Star, which angered Muslims Malaysians, prompting the Malaysian government to cancel her concert.

And now the latest news on the controversy.

The Malaysian Home Ministry is not satisfied with the explanation from The Star over the picture of Erykah Badu with tattoos of the word "Allah" in Arabic on her body.

In a statement Wednesday, 7th March 2012, the newspaper was directed to submit to the ministry its recommendations for sterner action to ensure the mistakes did not recur and to serve as a deterrent in the future.

"The Ministry wishes to advise The Star and all media organisations to take preventive, corrective and informative action to prevent the publication of content that may touch on the country's multi-racial and multi-religious sensitivities," it said.

The Star has suspended two editors over the publication of a photograph showing the American singer with body art with the word Allah in Arabic.

On Feb 28, 2012, the newspaper received a show-cause letter from the Ministry, giving it seven days to reply.

The Star issued an apology via its online news portal and Twitter the same day. The newspaper's managing editor, chief news editor and senior editor were also called up by the ministry to explain the use of the photograph.

The newspaper also published another apology in its print version, saying the photograph was inadvertently published in Star2.

The Star, in its apology, said it deeply regretted any offence it caused to Muslims.

As a result of this fiasco, the scheduled Erykah Badu concert in Kuala Lumpur was cancelled, much to the dismay of he fans in Malaysia.

The organiser of the concert, clearly angered by the Star, is reportedly suing the newspaper for causing the cancellation of the concert.

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