Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The stage is set.... 2 "Bukits" byelections

The stage is set, come 7 April, it's showtime again to determine who is the champion of the world!!!!!

No, it is not Evander Holyfield vs Nikolai Valuev aka The Beast from the east, nor Mike Tyson comeback and last gasp attempt for the world heavyweight boxing crown.

But rather it is the 2 simultaneous byelections in Malaysia for the Bukit Gantang Parliament and Bukit Selambau state seats.

Currently the score is 2 - 0.

2 for Pakatan Rakyat and 0 for Barisan Nasional, BN after the 2 byelections in Permatang Pauh and Kuala Terengganu, both won by Pakatan.

After 7 April, will the score change to 4 - 0, or 3 - 1...??

However if the final score stands at 2 - 2, then the winner goes to BN.

Why? Simple.

In Perak, BN won the right to govern the state even tough the score was tied at 28 - 28.

The 3 extra YBs / assemblymen who jumped ship from Pakatan to BN are not formal members of BN yet, they were just expressing their support to BN by words of mouth and not via official documents ie formal application to join any BN components Parties during that material time...

Yet, the state government changed hand.

So we wait... red cards and yellow cards don't count here.... even the match referees / umpires themselves can be red carded!!!!

By the way, how come the 2 by-elections are named "Bukit" - Selambau and Gantang...?? and what if YB Elizabeth Wong resign as assemblywoman of "Bukit" Lanjan - another "Bukit" byelection here????

Furthermore this 3 Bukits assemblyperson represent Malaysia's 3 major race... The late MP of Bukit Gantang is a Malay while the YB of Bukit Selambau who resigned is an Indian.... and Bukit Lanjan - Elizabeth Wong is a Chinese!!!!!!!!!

Will there be another "Bukit" byelection after this????? Bukit Bendera?? Bukit Antarabangsa?? Bukit Bintang???? Bukit Bukau???? Bukit Aman???

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